Myroslav Marynovych

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Myroslav Frankovych Marynovych
Мирослав Франкович Маринович
Born (1949-01-04) January 4, 1949 (age 66)
Komarovychi, Staryi Sambir Raion, Lviv Oblast
Nationality Ukrainian
Occupation vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, lecturer, social activist.
Awards Member of the Order of Liberty Member of the Order of Liberty
Order For Courage 1st class

Myroslav Frankovych Marynovych (Ukrainian: Мирослав Франкович Маринович), b. January 4, 1949, is the vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, founder of Amnesty International Ukraine, and a founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group


Marynovych was born on January 4, 1949, in the village of Komarovychi, in the Lviv Oblast (at the time, it was Drohobych Oblast).

His grandfather was a priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and his family was very religious.[1] He attended the Lviv Polytechnical Institute, where he spoke out against the Soviet regime which did not uphold the ideals of Communism.[1] Afterwards he was conscripted into Soviet Army where he served 1973-1974.

In 1976, Manynovych met Mykola Matusevych, and became a founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group. Because of his membership, Marynovych was arrested on April 23, 1977, for Anti Soviet Agitation and Propaganda. The trial and sentencing lasted 11 months, and he was finally convicted and sentenced to the maximum term - 7 years of hard labour and 5 years in exile.[1]

In 1987, he returned to Ukraine, and worked in an oil refinery in Drohobych. He also worked as a reporter in the local newspaper, "Halytska Zorya" (The Star of Halych Ukrainian: Галицька Зоря).


Marynovych's first published work came out in 1990, titled "The Gospel according to God's fool".[2] This work had been written while he was serving in exile, and was later translated into German and French.

In 1991, his second work was published, entitled "Ukraine on the margins of the Holy Scripture" (Ukrainian: Україна на полі Святого Письма).


Among his awards, Myroslav Marynovych received a prize from the journal Suchasnist (“Modernity”) for his political science report “Atoning for Communism” (1993), the Valerii Marchenko award from the Ukrainian-American Bureau for Protection of Human Rights for the best human rights publication (1995), and the Vladimir Zhabotinsky Medal for the promotion of inter-ethnic understanding from the Ukraine-Israel Society (1999).[2]

Myroslav Marynovych has received many educational awards, including fellowships at Columbia University (USA), the World Council of Churches (Switzerland), and the Catholic University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands).[2]

State awards[edit]