Myrtle Anagnostou

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Myrtle Anagnostou
Μυρτώ Αναγνώστου
Myrtle lefteri.jpg
Coraline Karanti as Mirto Anagnostou (left)
First appearance Episode 1
September 8, 2005
Created by Vana Dimitriou
Portrayed by Koralia Karanti
Aliases Mirto Douka (first married name)
Mirto Anagnostou (second married name)
Mirto Argiriou Anagnostou (third married name)
Mirto Anagnostou (current name)
Gender Female
Occupation CEO of Antigoni Resort Group
Title CEO
Family Mary Petrou (paternal grandmother)
Paul Petrou (father; deceased)
Renata Petrou (mother)
Thalia Petrou (sister)
Eleni Petrou (sister)
Spouse(s) Stefanos Doukas (ex-husband)
Hector Anagnostou (ex-husband)
Lefteri Argiriou (ex-husband)
Thanasis Avgeris (ex-boyfriend)
Hector Anagnostou (current husband)
Children Antigoni Douka (daughter)
Renos Doukas (son)
Pavlos Doukas (son)
Eva Anagnostou (daughter)
Andreas Argiriou (adoptive son)
Panayioti Douka (grandson; deceased)
Relatives Christina Douka (daughter-in-law)
Martha Douka (ex-daughter-in-law)
Alexandros Mavrakis (ex-son-in-law)
Markos Anagnostou (brother-in-law)
Religion Greek Orthodox
Nationality Greece Greek

Mirto Anagnostou (Greek: Μυρτώ Αναγνώστου) is a fictional character on the ANT1 television series Erotas, played by Koralia Karanti.


Myrtle is a dynamic and ruthless businesswoman who has accumulated a large fortune and hotel empire during her life. She is desperate to be loved, and has had multiple marriages/romantic entanglements. She has five children Renos Doukas, Pavlos Doukas, Antigoni Douka, Eva Anagnostou and Andreas Argiriou. (adoptive son)


Life Before Season 1[edit]

Myrtle lived with her abusive, and much older ex-husband Stefanos Doukas, during a fight their 4 year old daughter, Antigoni wondered off and was taken by Stefanos' mistress at the time Vera, and raised in the care of Vera's sister in London.

Season 1[edit]

Myrtle and her husband Hector enjoy the perfect life until Ioulia and Stefanos, their ex-spouses set out to destroy them, with Hector having an affair with Ioulia, whose events were recorded in a diary that was later found by Myrtle. The marriage then falls apart, and Stefanos employs Ioulia to destroy Myrtle's business by buying 49% of the shares in Myrtle's company. However, Lefteri sells his 10% of shares back to Myrtle so she can recontrol the company. However Myrtle and Stefanos put their hatred aside when their long lost daughter Antigoni returns, and present a united front in order to welcome her into the family. Myrtle falls in love with Lefteri, an ex-convict and they marry at the end of the season, however the night before her wedding to Lefteri, Myrtle and Hector have an affair. However, Myrtle still marries Lefteri, realising that the only reason Hector tried to get her back was that he was afraid to let their daughter Eva near Lefteri because of his past. Lefteri feels threatened throughout the season as Myrtle still has a very close friendship with her ex-husband. At the end of the season Myrtle runs toward, her son's wife's Martha's house after a bomb is set off inside, where her daughter, Eva is.

Season 2[edit]

At the start of the second season, Myrtle is confronted by Yerasimos, who is the husband of Hector's long-lost girlfriend, Aphrodite. Myrtle's sister, Thalia, also comes to live with her. They have a very strained relationship and Myrtle kicks her out of the house after she realises that she has been hocking jewelry to fuel her gambling problem. Yerasimos gains Myrtle's trust and fakes his suicide to make it look like murder, and Myrtle being fooled by his lies condemned Aphrodite for the murder and Hector as her accomplice. However, she later realised after investigating that Aphrodite was innocent, but was kidnapped and threatened by Yerasimos' associates so she wouldn't tell the truth in the court case.

However, enough evidence is exposed eventually to condemn Yerasimos, when his associate is arrested and the tape showing his "final plan" is played in court. Lefteri and Aphrodite continue to feel threatened by Myrtle's close relationship with Hector, and Myrtle and Lefteri separate several times over this issue. Towards the end of the season, Myrtle agrees to adopt a 7-year old boy, Andreas, to fulfill her husband's need for children, however the child is kidnapped, and the birth mother checks herself into rehab to fight for custody of the child along with the birthfather.

When it becomes apparent that Myrtle and Lefteri are almost definitely going to lose Andreas, Lefteri spirals out of control, become an alcoholic, cheating on Myrtle, and even hitting her at one stage while intoxicated when she revealed that she turned to Hector during this time because he could be there for her. She develops a much stronger bond with Andreas during this time, and gradually he feels much closer to Myrtle that Lefteri, as he feels that Lefteri no longer loves him.

Myrtle loses even more trust in Lefteri after he makes threats to kill the birthmother of Andreas, even being sent to jail, after Alexandra set him up. Myrtle was so disgusted in him that she didn't pay his bail, or turn up to the courthouse. However, he is quickly released because the gun he was using was legal, and he didn't shoot anyone.

Myrtle is going to divorce Lefteri, she throws him out of the house and he goes to Mykonos, where he embezzles 800 thousand euros from her company and places most of the funds directly into an international account in New York City.

When Lefteri returns, Myrtle tells him to pack the rest of his things and leave, as Pavlos told her that he had a girlfriend, and he continued to treat everyone around him horribly when he returned.

Myrtle and Lefteri have divorced. Andreas' biological father, has allowed the child to stay with Myrtle and Eva because he is putting the child's happiness before his own.

At the end of the season Myrtle and Stefanos' hatched a plan against Angelle Papadatos after he tried to frame Renos for the murder of Ari and also threatened the financial status of Stefanos' pharmaceutical company. In the season finale he is killed. Myrtle asked to be allowed to "take care" of him herself, and she is the prime suspect for his murder.

Season 3[edit]

Myrtle is one of the three prime suspects after Angelle is mysteriously murdered in the Season 3 premiere after her birthday cruise. Myrtle's best friend returns to her life in the Season 3. She exposes her best-friend's husband's affair, and urges Elena to leave her husband. However, she instead attempts suicide. Myrtle as her support network during this difficult time.

Myrtle and Hector have a very strained relationship. They constantly accuse each other of being involved in Angelle's death and Myrtle refuses to tell Hector what really happened on the night of the cruise. Neither of them has an alibi and are both equally suspect.

Myrtle and Angelle's uncle, who poses as a property investor/real estate agent begin a business relationship, that quickly turns to a strong friendship. They later begin a romantic relationship, however Myrtle has no idea who the person she is dating really is. She eventually finds out and is ashamed that she allowed herself to be so deceived, being reluctant to let any of her friends and family know what she is actually feeling.

Myrtle and Hector get back together and her kids are very happy. In the mean time Myrtle doesn't know if she loves Hector or not.


  • Myrtle is the only core character on Erotas that has not been in jail.