Myrtle Beach State Park

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Myrtle Beach State Park
Myrtle Beach State Park.jpg
The ocean and boardwalk at Myrtle Beach State Park, near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Map showing the location of Myrtle Beach State Park
Map showing the location of Myrtle Beach State Park
LocationHorry County, South Carolina , USA
Nearest cityMyrtle Beach, South Carolina
Coordinates33°38′52″N 78°55′39″W / 33.64778°N 78.92750°W / 33.64778; -78.92750Coordinates: 33°38′52″N 78°55′39″W / 33.64778°N 78.92750°W / 33.64778; -78.92750
Area312 acres (1.3 km2)
Governing bodyCivilian Conservation Corps

Myrtle Beach State Park is a small state park located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It consists of several miles of forest and stretches along the Atlantic Ocean. The Myrtle Beach State Park Nature Center features interactive natural history displays, saltwater aquariums and live reptiles. Park naturalists offer nature education programs about the coastal habitat and wildlife. The state park also features a fishing pier.

Admission Fees

There is a small admission fee for park access. The fee are: $3.25 for seniors, $2.50 for children between the ages of 6-15, $5 for adults, and children 5 and under a free.[2] This does not include the price of camping, pier fishing, and certain programs that are offered by the park.

Things to do include:[3]

  • Camping and Cabins
  • Beach
  • Trails for Hiking, Biking, and Horseback Riding
  • Fishing and Crabbing
  • Picnicking
  • Children's Activities
  • Bird Watching
  • Nature Center with wildlife found in the area

Park Hours (Daily):

  • March-November: 6am-10pm
  • December- February: 6am-8pm

Office Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 11am- 5pm[4]

Pet Policy

View from the beach of the pier that guest are able to fish and crab off of.

Pets are allowed in the park but must be kept on a leash as all times. They are not allowed in the cabin areas or inside of the cabins. From 10am-5pm, starting May 1st through Labor Day, pets are not allowed on the beach.[5] During the time period listed above, bikes are not allowed on the beach as well.


Pricing for a campsite ranging from ranges from $29-48 per day[6] with a minimum of a two night reservation required. Cabins prices is about $180 per day with a week minimum stay. Prices and availability do change depending on the time of year and the popularity of the park.


A South Carolina fishing license is not required when fishing from the pier, but there is a fee to fish daily. If one is fishing from the shore or sand they are required to purchase a saltwater fishing license.

  • 16 and older: $5
  • Senior (65 and older): $3.25
  • Children (6-15): $2.50
  • Children(5 and under): Free

The common fish that are caught are blues, Spanish mackerel, drum, spots, trout, whiting, king mackerel, and flounder. Fishing rods are available for rent from the pier's gift shop for $20 a day with a $25 deposit. Rod rental comes with one fishing pass.[7]

Equestrian Trails

There are riding trails throughout the park. Beach asses begins the third Saturday of November through the last day of February. A permit is required for the horse and is $25 per horse; daily park admission still applies for the rider. Along with the permit the rider much have current Negative Coggins paper for each horse that is brought in the park. Any horse brought into the park is not allowed to stay overnight. [8]


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