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Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceGreen Lantern #26 (January 1964)
Created byGardner Fox (script)
Gil Kane (artist)
In-story information
AbilitiesAbility to cast magic spells

Myrwhydden is a fictional supervillain in the DC Universe. He is a foe of the Silver Age Green Lantern. Myrwhydden first appeared in Green Lantern #26 (January 1964) in a story written by Gardner Fox and drawn by Gil Kane.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Myrwhydden (pronounced MUHR-whih-den)[1] was introduced in the story "The World Within the Power Ring!" He is a powerful sorcerer, and originally a foe of Abin Sur. Abin learns that Myrwhydden has to speak his spells in rhyme, so he uses his power ring to gag the magician's mouth. Abin Sur then shrinks Myrwhydden down to microscopic size and places him inside the power ring.

Many years later (and some time after Abin Sur had died), Myrwhydden discovers that his powers had returned. Unable to leave the ring, Myrwhydden sends out a magical construct shaped like Abin Sur to defeat the Green Lantern that currently controls Abin's ring, the Earth-man Hal Jordan. Jordan defeats the construct.

Jordan questions his ring to learn about Myrwhydden, and has the ring shrink him down until he could enter Myrwhydden's realm. At first Jordan appears helpless against Myrwhdden's magic, but the sorcerer was soon amazed to discover that Jordan could also work magic. Myrwhdden casts a spell that removes all magic from his kingdom, and attempts to kill Jordan with a rock. What Myrwhydden fails to realize that the source of Jordan's "magic" is actually the power ring; as Jordan was inside the power ring, he uses its emerald light to fool the magician. Jordan then uses the ring to remove the power of speech from Myrwhydden, imprisoning him once again.

Over the years Myrwhydden returns several times to face Hal Jordan. He is eventually caught and imprisoned by the Green Lantern's masters, the Guardians, on their planet Oa. He is still there when the insane Guardian Appa Ali Apsa began merging minds with the prisoners (Green Lantern vol. 3, #18). Myrwhydden's fate is unrevealed.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Myrwhydden is a powerful sorcerer who must speak his spells in rhyme for them to work.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series[edit]

In the comic book Green Lantern: The Animated Series/Young Justice: Super Sampler, Myrwhydden appears trapped in a pocket dimension by a Green Lantern. When Hal Jordan and Razer become trapped in his dimension, he tries to use them to escape only to fail.

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