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Mysore Hiriyanna (1871–1950)[1] was one of the foremost writers on Indian philosophy who lived in the last century.[2] His prominent works include Indian Conception of Values, Outlines of Indian Philosophy, Quest after Perfection and Art Experience. His books are held in hundreds of libraries, even outside India.[3]

Professor M Hiriyanna was born in Mysore on May 7, 1871. Having obtained his M.A from the Madras Christian College, he joined as a librarian at the Mysore Oriental Library, (now, the Oriental Research Institute, Mysore) and at a later stage of his career he went on to become the curator of the institute. In an intervening period, he served as an Assistant Master and later as the Head Master at the Mysore Normal School.

He joined the newly established Mysore University as a lecturer in Sanskrit and was promoted as a professor of Sanskrit and Philosophy during 1918 - 1927. His works show clarity, precision and brevity.


  • Outlines of Indian Philosophy [1]
  • The Essentials of Indian Philosophy [2]
  • The Quest After Perfection [3]
  • Indian philosophical studies
  • Popular essays in Indian philosophy
  • The mission of philosophy
  • The Twofold way of life
  • The Ethics of the Upaniṣads
  • Indian aesthetics
  • The Main aspects of Indian aesthetics
  • Indian conception of values
  • Reviews
  • Art Experience
  • Sanskrit Studies
  • Tales From Sanskrit Dramatists


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