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Dr.Mysore Manjunath

Mysore Manjunath is a noted Indian violinist. The son and disciple of violinist Prof. Mahadevappa, Manjunath performed his first concert at the age of 8 in Mysore. Trained under his father, Manjunath,[1] received special coaching in violin technique and improvisation. He is one of the Mysore brothers duo.


Manjunath did his Master of Music at the University of Mysore and was awarded Ph.D by the University of Mysore. Manjunath currently is on the faculty at the Department of Music at The University of Mysore.[2]


Manjunath started performing at 8. His initial concerts were with his father and brother.Soon he started accompanying senior musicians of Carnatic Music. Now establishing as a Solo Violinist, Manjunath has extensively traveled & performed all over the world. He regularly performs along with his elder brother Mysore Nagaraj.[3] Today, he is among the more popular musicians on this instrument, and is especially popular with the younger generation for his creative improvisations. His Violin Concerts are featured at some of the major International concert stages including Royal Albert Hall - London, Sydney Opera House - Australia, International Violin Conference, Common Thread Music festival in United States, Federation Square in Melbourne, World Music Festival[4] in Chicago,[5] Tansen Sangith Samaroh-Gwalior,Esplanade Theatre in Singapore, World Music Series by BBC, Santa-Fe Festival[6] in New Mexico & Doverlane Music Festival in Kolkata. He has collaborated with musicians and orchestras including Ned McGowan, Mark Wood, Fabrizio Cassol, Jai Uttal, Joe Craven, Fred Hamilton, Todd Haaby, Pandith Vishwamohan Bhat, Ronu Majumdar, N. Rajam, Tejendra Majumdar such as Aka Moon,[7] Spenifex,[8] Ictus.

Being nominated as cultural ambassador of University of Mysore,[9] Dr.Manjunath has been repeatedly invited for workshops and papers presentation- demonstrations at innumerable venues including the University of Delaware, Wesleyan University, University of Iowa, Utrecht University in the Netherlands, University of Chicago, University of Iowa, University of North Texas, University of Osaka in Japan, MIT, Texas A&M University, Griffith University - Australia, Cornell University and the University of North Carolina.

Awards and honours[edit]

He is one of the youngest recipients of the Rajyotsava Award by the Government of Karnataka.[10] He has received the Excellence award from American Institute of World Culture, honours from the American Arts Council, Best Violinist awards from The Music Academy, Best Violinist award from the Indian fine arts society, Aryabhata Award, Meritorious Award from University of Oklahoma-USA, Samskruthi Sinchana Award, Y.T.Tatachari National Award, Sangeeth Samrat, Sangeeth Rathna, Sangitha Vidwanmani, Gana varidhi, Tantri Vadya Shiromani - Asthana Vidwan from Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Chowdiah National Award by Academy of Music,[11] Rotary Excellence Award.


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