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Manufacted by Mystère Composites, Martin 16 sailboats are used at the Nepean Sailing Club

Mystère Composites specializes in the production of traditional and high-tech composite products and parts, working with different materials and laminating systems, from polyester hand lay-up to prepreg epoxy using high quality mould design and production. It works in a variety of fields, ranging from the marine and automotive industries to the aeronautical sector; creating parts for boats, race cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles and aircraft.

Mystere works with carbon skinned, Nomex cored, ultra-light construction to extensive repairs on heavily constructed fiberglass cruisers. It operates extensively with carbon fiber, Kevlar and E-glass systems.

It is a manufacturer of off-the-beach catamarans, also known as multihulls. The boats are manufactured in Quebec, Canada. Mystère makes boats ranging from 4.3 meters in length to 6.0 meters in length.

Mystere Composites also manufactures other boat classes such as the Martin 16 sailboat.

It is owned by Yves Sansoucy.

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