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Mystery ()
FayeWong Mystery.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 1994 (1994-04)
  • Yangming Huang
  • Stanley Leung (co-producer)
Faye Wong chronology
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Mystery ()
Faye Disc

Mystery[1][2] (alternatively Riddle)[3] is the translated title of a 1994 Mandarin album (pinyin: ) recorded by Chinese singer Faye Wong as 'Wong Ching Man' when she was based in Hong Kong.[4]

Although she had included a few Mandarin Chinese songs in her 1993 albums No Regrets and 100,000 Whys, Mystery was her first album recorded entirely in Mandarin rather than the Hong Kong majority dialect of Cantonese. The first track "I'm Willing" (or "I Do") was an instant hit single, and the album brought Wong to fame across the region of East Asia.[5] The track "Cold War" is a cover of Tori Amos's "Silent All These Years"; Wong had already scored a hit with her Cantonese version of this song, which had been included in her 1993 album 100,000 Whys.[2]

Despite the inclusion of Mandarin versions of that and other Cantonese songs, Mystery was a huge hit, selling over 800,000 in Taiwan alone.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No.TitleUnofficial translationLength
1."我願意(管弦樂版)" (Wǒ Yuànyì (Guǎnxiányuè Bǎn))"I'm Willing (Orchestral Version)"4:30
2."執迷不悔" (Zhí Mí Bù Huǐ)"No Regrets"[n 1]5:24
3."變幻的世界在轉" (Biànhuàn de Shìjiè Zài Zhuǎn)"A Changeful World Is Turning"4:08
4."軟弱" (Ruǎnruò)"Weak"4:25
5."我願意(弦樂版)" (Wǒ Yuànyì (Xián Yuè Bǎn))"I'm Willing (Acoustic Version)"2:39
6."沈醉" (Chénzuì)"Drunk"[n 2]4:13
7."冷戰" (Lěngzhàn)"Cold War"[n 3]4:10
8."心太野" (Xīntài Yě)"Wild at Heart"5:00
9."只願為你守著約" (Zhǐ Yuàn Wéi Nǐ Shǒuzhe Yuē)"I Only Want to Keep A Promise to You"4:18
10."只有我自己" (Zhǐyǒu Wǒ Zìjǐ)"By Myself"3:29
Japanese edition bonus tracks
11."誘惑我" (Yòu Huò Wǒ)3:55
12."動心" (Dòng Xīn)4:02
13."容易受傷的女人" (Róng Yì Shòu Shāng De Nǚ Rén)4:18
  1. ^ This is a remixed version of the track originally included on the album of the same name
  2. ^ Mandarin version of "Summer of Love", originally included on 100,000 Whys
  3. ^ Mandarin version of the track of the same name, originally included on 100,000 Whys

"Wo Yuanyi"[edit]

The first track "Wo Yuanyi" was covered in English by Lene Marlin in 2005,[6] in Japanese by JAYWALK in 2002,[7] and in Korean by Seomoon Tak in 2004.[8] It was featured in the following films: Loving Him (2002), Just Another Pandora's Box (2010), Don't Go Breaking My Heart (2011), and I Do (2012), among others.


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