Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival

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Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival
Developer(s) Big Fish Studios
Publisher(s) Big Fish Games
Series Mystery Case Files
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS X
Release November 26, 2013
Genre(s) Adventure, puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player

Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival is an adventure-puzzle casual game developed by Big Fish Studios and distributed by Big Fish Games. It is the tenth installment in the Mystery Case Files series and was released on November 26, 2013.[1]


The player returns to the carnival grounds which were the setting of Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate, an earlier game in the series, in order to help Madame Fate's spirit, and to assist various of the carnival workers who have been imprisoned or trapped and with Madame Fate's cat, Isis, to help even the odds. The player also finds strange diary which helps provide clues to assist the player on their quest.

The player is confronted by the ghost of Alister Dalimar, father of Charles Dalimar (the primary antagonist of the Ravenhearst storyline) and his pet raven. Throughout the game, it is revealed that Alister is trying to create a new earthly body for himself with no human weaknesses and his past is revealed through the use of a mutoscope. At one point, the player sees Alister talking to the shadows of Charles and Victor and angrily shuns them for their failures. After uncovering Madame Fate's crystal ball, the carnival suddenly disappears, leaving only the player and Madame Fate's crypt. After the player solves the puzzle in the crypt, Madame Fate makes the carnival reappear, which has changed dramatically, and advises the player to stab Alister's heart inside the Book of Black Magic with silver to kill him. After the player rescues six carnival workers, finds two dead, and discovers that four are not held hostage, but are really working for Alister, he/she heads off to put an end to Alister's ambition for good. Once finding the book and stabbing it with a silver dagger, it is revealed to be a fake and Alister tries to finish him/her off. After realizing that the diary that assisted the player on their quest is the real Book of Black Magic, the detective ends his life by stabbing his black heart inside the book with a single silver badge, and everything returns to normal.

Through the bonus content, the player is asked by Madame Fate's spirit to help free her soul from captivity. Throughout the altered carnival after Dalimar's death, the player finally freed Madame Fate's soul, which went off to rest in peace, with Isis, thanking the player, following her from behind.

The secret room bonus tells us the next sequel to another mystery that's about to happen after assisting the carnival workers that the player had rescued throughout the game, as the detective decides to return to Dire Grove once again.


The game use hidden-object & point-&-click gameplay.