Mystery Men Comics

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Mystery Men Comics
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Publication information
PublisherFox Feature Syndicate
Publication dateAugust 1939 – February 1942
No. of issues31
Main character(s)Green Mask
Blue Beetle
Rex Dexter

Mystery Men Comics was an anthology American comic book series from the Golden Age of Comic Books published by Fox Feature Syndicate. The series was Fox's second title after the Wonderworld Comics series being first published in August 1939. The series would debut two superheros in its first issue: the Green Mask and Dan Garret - the first Blue Beetle who would later have their own spinoff series. The first issue was also notable for being one of the two comic book issues debuting John Tuska's work. The series would end in issue #31 in February 1942. Despite this and Fox's cancellation, the superhero Blue Beetle that the series help introduce would live on through Charlton and later DC Comics. [1][2][3][4]


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← Batman's first supervillain was debuted by Bob Kane along with Batman's utility belt by Gardner Fox. See Doctor Death (comics) and Batman's utility belt for more info and the previous timeline. Timeline of DC Comics (1930s)
August 1939
The character Blue Beetle was debuted by Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski. See Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett) and Blue Beetle for more info and next timeline. →