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Mysticons logo.png
Created bySean Jara
Developed by
Directed byMatt Ferguson
Voices of
Theme music composerDanny Craig
Opening theme
  • "Mysticons Theme Song"
  • by Melanie Dawn
Ending theme"Mysticons Theme Song" (instrumental)
Composer(s)Christian Szczesniak
Country of origin
  • Canada
  • United States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes40 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Doug Murphy
  • Irene Weibel
  • Noel Bright
  • Steven A. Cohen
  • Sean Jara
  • Susie Gallo
Running time25 minutes
Production company(s)
Original network
Picture format1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Original releaseAugust 28, 2017 (2017-08-28) –
September 15, 2018 (2018-09-15)
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Mysticons is an American-Canadian action-magical girl animated television series that premiered on August 28, 2017.[1][2] The show is a collaboration between companies Nelvana Limited, Playmates Toys, and The Topps Company.[3] The show was created by Sean Jara, who is also the executive story editor and producer.[3][4] It was originally aimed at boys but switched its focus to girls aged 6 to 11, as per Nickelodeon's preference during the development process.[1][4][5][6][7]

In August 2018, Jara confirmed on Twitter that Mysticons was not renewed for any episodes beyond its initial 40-episode production order.[8] The final episode of the series aired on September 15, 2018 in the United States and September 23, 2018 in Canada.

An ongoing series of comic books (graphic novels) and chapter books had been first released on August, 28, 2018. Volume 2 being released in March 2019 and Volume 3 in spring 2019. The chapter books depict dozens of original adventures that never occurred in the animated series; each featuring each Mysticon as the central character; each set within a particular season of the television show.[citation needed]


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
120August 28, 2017 (2017-08-28)February 10, 2018 (2018-02-10)
220February 17, 2018 (2018-02-17)September 15, 2018 (2018-09-15)

Season One[edit]

In the mystical world of Gemina, in a place called Drake City, four teenage girls are chosen by the all-powerful Dragon Disk to become legendary heroes known as the Mysticons. Arkayna, Emerald, Zarya and Piper undertake an arduous quest to find four spellbooks and animal-themed bracers of mystical power to form the Codex. This will grant them their full strength and abilities necessary to save their world from Dreadbane, who seeks to release Necrafa, the leader of the Spectral Hand and Queen of the Undead. When Necrafa is freed she betrays Dreadbane and throws him into where she was once banished this happens in the thirteenth episode (season finale) "All Hail Necrafa!.

Season Two[edit]

While fulfilling various quests to bring harmony and order to the realm, the Mysticons encounter several trusty allies and devious adversaries. A startling revelation is that Arkayna has a fraternal twin sister. Unfortunately, as their sisterly union would result in the imminent release of the dangerous Spectral Dragon, Nova Terron had been ordered to send the younger princess twin to an alternate dimension on the astral plane. Unable to bring himself to do so, he sent her to a fairy orphanage hidden from mortal eyes.

The Mysticons succeed in finding a blue-green birth gem in the vault of the Dragon, which is revealed to belong to the mysterious and immensely powerful Astromancer Proxima Starfall, who had stayed at the orphanage until taken in by the Astromancers at a young age.

It is later revealed that Arkayna's real fraternal twin sister is the second Mysticon Ranger, Zarya Moonwolf. Proxima's blue-green birth gem had been purposefully switched with Zarya's as a cover-up to protect her true identity, thus making Proxima's family history nothing but a complete fabrication. Having had a vision, Arkayna and Zarya head to Mount Tryanus to obtain two yellow rings which transform them into the Twin Dragon, enabling them to obliterate both the Spectral Dragon and Necrafa in one single strike; an act that leaves half of her mysterious mask behind.

With Queen Necrafa and the Spectral Dragon destroyed, Arkayna, Zarya, Emerald and Piper are enjoying their lives. However, they are needed once again to destroy a surviving fragment of Necrafa's mask by tossing it into the fiery core of the Rift of Ruin, a volcanic trench in the depths of the sea. Proxima accompanies them as an Astromancer, but is secretly lonely and bitter; she deceives them into believing that she had destroyed the mask fragment while keeping it to seek vengeance against those who had deceived her about her family history, mistrusted her judgement and underestimated her powerful magical abilities. Meanwhile, Nova Terron and the other Astromancers enlist Malvaron, Doug, and Choko on a special mission to get Tazma out of Necrafa's old lair before they destroy it. To save Tazma they use a shrinking potion and imprison her in a snow-globe which she escapes twice. Though Necrafa's lair and Necrafa herself are destroyed, Tazma still uses the dark magic and knowledge from both in later episodes while reminiscing from time to time. After the lair's destruction it is never seen again so, the, turned evil, Proxima uses Astromancer Academy for her headquarters on her parth of vengeance. Proxima turns her former master, Nova Terron, and fellow top-level Astromancers into her mindless, masked minions: Spectromancers. She snatches the Dragon Disk and fully corrupts the ancient and all-powerful artifact with evil magic. After succeeding in creating her very own Dark Codex, she calls upon four female warriors called the Vexicons, from its dark and sinister pages to combat the Mysticons. This leaves her free to achieve the necessary steps for her ultimate revenge on Arkayna, for making her believe that she had a family and was loved in the realm, and for Zarya getting everything she would have had.

Things have escalated further, as Proxima has now been fully possessed by the evil within the half Necrafa's mask; having worn it for so long it had caused its intense dark power to become deeply attached to Proxima and chose her as its rightful host. To help remove the mask off of Proxima who is out cold before the Vexicons arrive at the Stronghold to take the half of the mask, Tazma tells Arkayna a spell that traps the Mysticons inside Proxima's subconscious mind, in which they see Proxima’s memories and learn of her troubled and lonely childhood since leaving Mrs. Sparklebottom's sanctuary, to the point of choosing the dark powers of the mask fragment because of an oblivious Princess Arkayna never being truly there for her as a sister and for breaking her heart so badly. After freeing Proxima of the stronger hold the mask's fragment has had on her, Arkayna apologizes for her oblivious actions toward Proxima and welcomes her back as her triplet "twin sister". Proxima explains all she had learned while under the evil influence of the mask; how the Spectral Hand itself has tempted and manipulated many over the millennia; such as Necrafa (who was, in fact, a powerful elven sorceress), Captain Kaos, and finally Mallory. With the piece of the mask having taken over her as it did Proxima, Mallory takes charge and has her three Vexicon sisters help her in releasing the ravenous wrath of the Spectral Hand's beast upon Drake City. Proxima reverses the dark spell on the mindless Spectromancers, turning them all back into top Astromancers- Nova Terron, Gandobi and Quasarla- who fend off the tentacles of the ancient ruins, from which the Spectral Hand is imprisoned.

Out options, the Mysticons turn to Dreadbane as he is the only one who can return Queen Goodfey and King Darius to life. He initially refuses but comes his senses when a human boy he saved asks him his name, to which he says it is "General Bane." He rises to the occasion as an unexpected ally and prevents the bone statues of the queen and king from being destroyed. However, he is gravely wounded when taking a fatal blow for Arkayna, from Mallory's greater snowy blast. He uses the last of his strength, before turning into stardust, to undo the spell he himself had cast to fully restore Princess Arkayna and Zarya's mother and stepfather to living flesh and blood, after being frozen in time for so many months. Arkayna reunites with her mother, and introduces her to Zarya Moonwolf who addresses her as "Mom", to the Queen's confusion. Her brief memories of the newborn Zarya are returned to her by Nova Terron (off-screen) and she provides the blueprints for the four mystical Lances of Justice which were hidden in her necklace for safekeeping. She accompanies her twin daughters (riding Zarya on Archer, much to Arkayna's resentment and envy), Emerald and Piper on their ultimate quest to stop to Vexicons and finally eradicate the Spectral Hand. Zarya finally comes to the realization that the Spectral Hand does have a great weakness: the Dragons of Light. They all go to the sacred realm of Dragonhenge and see King Valmuk and his baby daughter Stormy again. They see the hidden, remaining yellow dragon eggs. King Valmuk explains that by only being given a boost from the ancient time magic of the Ever Realm can dragons be strong enough by reaching full adulthood more quickly. This plan works but, the Vexicons trap the Mysticons before they can strike the demon of the Spectral Hand. Em & the others beg for the help of Eartha, who they saved from crumbling in the episode, "Heart Of Stone." Eartha frees the Mysticons before the other Vexicons banish the girls and she destroys Mallory's hair making the Ice Witch lose all confidence and surrender (Unseen). The Mysticons ride the dragons to the Spectral Hand demon and use their enhanced bracers, powered by lancers, to strike the Spectral Hand demon thus, sending it into oblivion and returning peace to the land forever. Some loose ends are also tied up such as, the Vexicons are imprisoned (possibly in the Necrafa prison dimension). Eartha remains unpunished for helping the Mysticons restore peace to all of Gemina. Nova Terron steps down as leader of the Astromancers and announces Proxima, his second-in-command, as the new leader/Star Mistress of the Academy, as he leaves on adventures across the astral plane with his lifelong girlfriend/starmate Geraldine Yaga. The mask's remains are thrown into the Rift of Ruin and are forever destroyed.



The Mysticons are four teenage girls whose destiny it is to use unique mystical powers and weaponry to defend the world of Gemina and its inhabitants from evil forces, namely the Spectral Hand. A generation of Mysticons is chosen once every thousand years by the ancient and powerful Dragon Disk. Their unique Mysticon abilities and weaponry become a hundred times greater and more effective when the Codex is combined into one larger spellbook, which happened to have been drained dry of its magic by Queen Necrafa herself. The second generation of legendary Mysticons are:

  • Princess Arkayna Goodfey (voiced by Alyson Court) – The Crown Princess of Gemina and second Mysticon Dragon Mage ,who is the fearless leader of the Mysticons. Her signature color is dark green and her symbol of mystical power is the dragon. Her Mysticon weapon is a staff that emits powerful green fire and can erect a protective shield or create weapons. Her griffin companion is named Izzie. She initially disliked learning of the original four Mysticons from her mother, the Queen. She demonstrated telekinetic skill by mentally levitating a construction and converting it into a ramp; her eyes glow white while utilizing this ability. She eventually learns that she has a fraternal twin sister who was believed to be Proxima Starfall, one of the top Astromancers' strongest star mages. Later it is revealed that Zarya is her true twin sister, though they both welcome Proxima into "the sisterhood" as their honorary twin. Her romantic interest is the talented mid-level Astromancer, Malvaron Grimm. She grew up playing with the royal griffins and relies on her honor, determination and ideals to always do the right thing. However, she is mostly oblivious to the feelings of others; such as Proxima's deeply hurt feelings of betrayal and abandonment towards her for never actually being there for her after Arkayna realized that Zarya was her real twin sister.
  • Zarya "Z-Star" Moonwolf (voiced by Nicki Burke) – Chosen as the second Mysticon Ranger, Zarya is an "orphaned pauper" who does her best to help other poor kids on the street, often acting as a big sister to them and Piper. She is wily and tough with a roguish charm. Her signature color is dark blue and her symbol of mystical power is the wolf. Her weapon is a shortbow from which she fires an array of mystical arrows. She is known as "the muscle" of the group. She first named her griffin "Stinky" because of his breath, but later renamed him "Archer". She is expelled from the team in "Scourge of the Seven Skies" and heads off alone. Her bracer and large blue book of Codex spells falls into the possession of Dreadbane who corrupts her Wolf Bracer. She eventually succeeds in getting them back. She temporarily replaces Arkayna as leader but refuses to take the position permanently. It is revealed that she had been the lost youngest twin princess and Arkayna's fraternal twin sister, having been left at Hortensia Sparklebottom's fairy orphanage for the first three years of her life, where Proxima was left at also.
  • Piper Willowbrook (voiced by Ana Sani) – An elf orphan who, along with Zarya, works to help fellow poor people in Drake City. She is Mysticon Striker. She is optimistic, energetic and fun-loving. Her signature colors are shades of yellow and blue and her symbol of mystical power is the phoenix. Her weapons are three yellow chakrams that act as boomerangs strong to render enemies unconscious from a distance. In addition, she can create sparkly yellow orbs which she calls her "pixie blast". Her griffin companion is named Miss Paisley, after a lost toy. She is known as "the party bringer" of the team. It is revealed that her name was given to her by Zarya when they first met as kids. Her full birth name is Pyperia Ashryn Elvanestri. Despite her youthful looks, she is revealed to be 110. She loves music and acrobatics and is a natural performer.
  • Emerald "Em" Zirconia Goldenbraid (voiced by Evany Rosen) – A teenage dwarf who originally worked as the royal family's griffin wrangler and is the new Mysticon Knight. She is smart, empathetic, innovative, and can engineer just about anything. Her signature color is purple and, at times, pink; her symbol of mystical power is the pink unicorn, which is the same color as the dark Basilisk Bracer belonging to her "dark" Vexicon counterpart Eartha. She can erect a pink orbicular shield around her and her fellow Mysticons. Her griffin companion is named Topaz. She is known to be "the heart" of the team. In addition to her mystic sword, she can use her dwarven gadgets to disable machinery from a distance or to seek out her fellow Mysticons if separated. She is given a legendary Silver Trident by Queen Truefin, as a gift for her bravery. Her romantic interest is the hunky Kasey Boon of the Pink Skulls sky pirates.


Four, dark female warriors called from the pages of Proxima's Dark Codex. They debut as shadowed cameos at the end of "Happily Never After", but make their full debut in "The Lost Scepter" where they race the Mysticons to find an ancient and immensely powerful mind-controlling scepter that belonged to one of Gemina's centuries-old king. They are considered the dark counterparts of the Mysticons. They each have their own dark animal bracer, to combat those of light wielded by the Mysticons:

  • Mallory – The leader and Arkayna's evil counterpart. She has light blue skin, ice-white spiked hair and a blue staff with a jagged dark blue crystal which emits strong beams of icy, snowy energy. She also has an animal sidekick named Deeva, a pale aqua blue fox-like creature (Choko's evil counterpart) that she wears around her neck like a muffler. Her bracer is a serpent/snake, which she attacks with by calling out "Ice Serpent, Strike!"; the same color as Zarya's blue Wolf Bracer. She is the most rebellious of all four Vexicons, even attempting to overthrow her own creator and "mother." She succeeds but is completely possessed by the mask fragment of the Spectral Hand itself, just like Proxima was.
  • Kasha – A orange cat-humanoid and Zarya's evil counterpart. She can emit three blasts of red energy from her claws. Her animal bracer is an orange panther. She also has skates that enable her to levitate in midair at high speeds. Her animal bracer is a bright orange panther, from which her attack phrase is "Shadow Panther, Pounce."
  • Eartha – Large and muscular, and is Em's evil counterpart. Her body is made of solid stone and she can turn into a huge boulder-like ball of rock to carry the other three inside. Her animal bracer is pink basilisk, from which she calls out "Basilisk, Stampede!" as her attack phrase; same pink color as Emerald's Unicorn bracer. Her weapon is a large hammer, from which she can project a strong blast of pink energy. Out of all four Vexicons, she is the most polite and somewhat kinder.
  • Willa – An imp with small, purple bat wings, and is Piper's evil counterpart. She has purple skin and can fire purple beams of energy from her hands. She can also teleport over short or long distances in a flash of purple smoke, namely by stating the phrase "Quicker than a flicker." Her purple animal bracer is a bat; her attack phrase is "Fear the Nightmare". Her additional special ability is "Boom Doom" similar to Piper's "Pixie Blast" attack.

Animal Companions and sidekicks[edit]

  • Choko – A fuzzy, white mole-like creature with pale pink ears who is Zarya's longtime friend and sidekick. He occasionally assists the Mysticons in some battles. He is quite adapt at recognizing ancient runes and mystic symbols of high magics.
  • Izzie – Arkayna's loyal griffin friend since childhood. She is adorned in a dark green saddle and helmet that protect her enhanced eyesight from spiked attacks.
  • Topaz – Emerald's faithful griffin mount. She is adorned in a purple blanket and helmet.
  • Miss Paisley – Piper's griffin mount. She is adorned in a bright orange blanket. It is revealed that the name came from a stuffed griffin Piper had had as a child.
  • Archer – Zarya's griffin mount whom she initially named "Stinky" because of his breath. She later named him Archer; likely due to her being capable of shooting mystical lightning-like arrows from her Mysticon Ranger short-bow.
  • Deeva- A pale aqua fox that is the evil counterpart of Choko, who came from Proxima's Dark Codex. She has purple eyes and a strong tail that she uses to push objects away in one swish. She appears as a muffler on Mallory's neck.

Royal Family of Gemina[edit]

  • Queen Goodfey (voiced by Linda Kash) – Princess Arkayna's mother, Zarya's birth mother, Gawayne's stepmother and Queen of Gemina. Alongside her second husband and king consort, she oversees the training of her daughter, stepson and dwarf subject Emerald Goldenbraid on their griffin companions. She is turned to solid stone by Dreadbane's evil magic, and her absence prompted her arrogant and selfish stepson Gawayne to declare himself monarch in her place. She is temporarily revived, astonished at her daughter as the Dragon Mage, and assures Arkayna to be confident before reverting to stone. Her stone body falls into the depths of the sea and is given to a kraken as tribute by Queen Truefin; the Mysticons explain the situation and lift Goodfey's statue to the surface. It is later revealed that Goodfey has another daughter with purple hair and green eyes who grew up to be known as Zarya Moonwolf. She is finally fully restored to living flesh and blood at the end of "Fear the Spectral Hand" by Dreadbane himself. She is introduced to Zarya, having regained the brief memories of her youngest twin daughter by Nova Terron, and reluctantly gives her daughters and their fellow Mysticons the plans to greatly strengthening their animal bracers temporarily. After the Spectral Hand is fully destroyed from the plane of existence, she is then introduced to Proxima, the orphan who was thought to be the daughter she never knew she had, whom she accepts as her "third twin daughter." Like her second husband and stepson, she will make many more appearances in the Mysticons comics and chapter books (original adventures) as a supporting character with more speaking roles.
  • King Darius (voiced by Patrick McKenna) – Queen Goodfey's second husband and king consort, Gawayne's father, and stepfather to the princess twins Arkayna and Zarya. He is turned to solid stone by Dreadbane in the very first episode. He is almost restored to living flesh by the combined mystical power of his stepdaughter and Malvaron, but ends up falling into the depths of the sea, where the Mer-Knights used him as tribute to a kraken. He was later brought to the surface and put in the palace throne room alongside his petrified wife. His bone form is finally revived at the end of Episode Thirty-Nine. He is to make appearances as a supporting character in the comics and chapter books. In actuality, there were several ancient kings during the B.C. eras the same name.
  • Gawayne (voiced by David Berni) – Arkayna and Zarya's selfish, spoiled and overweight stepbrother and the source of their frustrations. He is initially unaware of the Mysticons' true identities. After his parents are turned to stone he is crowned king of Gemina (dubbing himself "Gawayne the Great"), but was abducted and used to extort the Mysticons into handing over the Dragon Disk. In another episode he chooses his own safety over his people. At one point he obtains the orange and blue gems of Queen Necrafa. He gives the blue one to his pixie girlfriend, Lateensia, who dumps him afterward because of his selfishness, leaving him crushed. He tearfully attempts to persuade her to take him back, claiming that he will try to change. He writes letters to the bone statue of his father in secretly, admitting that he would trade being king to have him back.

Zarya's adopted family[edit]

  • Mr and Mrs. Moonwolf- As she was raised during her early girlhood in Mrs. Sparklebottom's fairy orphanage, Zarya is said to have been taken in by the Moonwolfs who had raised her as their own daughter for several years, in a distant village outside Drake City. At the age of 12 she was abducted and forced to become a sky-pirate by the ruthless Captain Kaos. What became of her adoptive parents is unknown, though it is implied that they had died of unknown circumstances, as Zarya admitted that she misses her parents dearly. The only memento of her mom is a gold pendent set with a forest-green gemstone. Their first names have not yet been revealed, though their last name Zarya naturally took as her own.

Emerald Goldenbraid's family[edit]

  • Citrine Goldenbraid – Emerald's optimistic and overexcited mother who lives in a cottage in the town of Rudix Hollow. One of her family recipes is a soup that Zarya dislikes. She gives Arkayna a hope ring that will give her strength in fulfilling her quest to stop Dreadbane. She believes that Emerald works in the castle as a griffin wrangler. She later pays her daughter a surprise visit for some quality mother-daughter time, and learns the truth about Em's Mysticon identity. She makes her Season Three appearances in "Total Eclipse of the Golden Heart," "Heart of Stone", "Fear the Spectral Hand" and "Age of Dragons".
  • Malachite Goldenbraid – Emerald's grumpy and cold father with whom she was very close as a child, calling her "Poo Twinkle" much to her chagrin. He is a dwarf engineer with a workshop in the cottage basement. He disapproved of his daughter's working at the castle, but admits that he had always been proud of her. He is the only one who knows of her identity as the second Mysticon Knight. He returns in "Heart of Stone" and "Age of Dragons." In the graphic novels and original chapter books, she will appear as a supporting character.
  • Halite and Ferrus Goldenbraid – Emerald's younger brothers who enjoy goofing off and embarrassing their older sister. They both have a crush on Piper and her cheery quirks. Halite has inherited his mother's hair while Ferrus has his father's hair color. They make their second appearance in Episode 35 "Heart of Stone."


The Astromancers are an ancient league of mages (sorcerers and sorceresses) who have protected Gemina. They reside at the Astromancer Academy. Those of the top level have a deep purple magical aura while mid-level Astromancers have a light orange magical aura.


  • Nova Terron (voiced by Dan Lett) – Holding the top rank of Star Master, he is a stern and bearded leader with a high-pitched voice. He sees the new Mysticons as failures whose incompetence will bring about the apocalypse, especially when they defy his order to destroy the complete Codex. He had been ordered by his master, Alpha Galiga, to separate the twin princesses, Arkayna and Zarya, as newborns. He came to enjoy playing the video game Avatars of the Apocalypse.
  • Quasarla – A female Astromancer who had fought alongside the original Mysticons during their battle against Queen Necrafa. She was eventually overpowered and turned into a mindless, masked Spectromancer by her fellow Astromancer colleague Proxima.
  • Tazma Grimm (voiced by Michelle Monteith) – Malvaron's older sister who favors training over natural talent and is chosen to train the Mysticons. She later betrays them and the Astromancers to obtain power for herself. She was the Shadow Mage who had forced Zarya and Piper to steal the Dragon Disk in exchange for Choko in the first episode. She later seems to have second thoughts about Dreadbane's leadership, calling him weak and incompetent. Tazma partners with Kymraw to claim the complete Codex from the Mysticons but is betrayed; she is horrified when Dreadbane uses it to release Queen Necrafa. She informs Necrafa of the new Mysticons and joins her for vengeance. Tazma is saved from being destroyed with the lair of the Spectral Hand and imprisoned in a snow-globe for her crimes. She was eventually freed by her reluctant younger brother and took the chance to escape by teleporting away in a flash of shadowy smoke. She is still at large in the realm.
  • Proxima Starfall (voiced by Stacey DePass) – A short orphan with red glasses, a black bob-cut hairstyle, and pale tan skin. Her innate magical strength is exceptional and she has more experience in high-star technology than most top-level Astromancers. She offers to use her magic to locate the Mysticons per Nova Terron's orders. She later demands that they be "brought to justice" in retaliation for Emerald giving her a star-shaped scar on her right cheek. She had always felt like she was missing an essential part of herself, which seems to be explained when she was believed to be the lost princess of Gemina and Arkayna's fraternal twin. However, she was merely a decoy to protect the real twin princess, Zarya. To gain revenge on the Mysticons for making her believe that she was loved and wanted in the realm, she secretly kept the sinister fragment of Queen Necrafa's evil mask, allowing its dark power to consume her soul. She then corrupts the Dragon Disk, and creates her very own Dark Codex ,from which she calls forth the Vexicons. While the Vexicons distract the Mysticons, Proxima continues her plot to achieve her full revenge on the oblivious Arkayna for not being there for her and choosing to abandon her, ever since she discovered that Zarya was her true twin sister. She eventually came to regret allowing the dark power within the mask fragment to consume her and intends to toss it back into the Rift of Ruin. Unfortunately for her, it has long since been attached to her intensely bitter feelings of loneliness, hatred and betrayal and has now taken full control of her troubled mind and body in full measure. Her tormented mind is later intruded by the Mysticons, with the help of Tazma, in an attempt to break the stronger hold Necrafa's mask now has upon her by finding the "Free Psyche" spell. She makes amends by revealing what she has learned about the Spectral Hand itself, and reverses the spell she cast on the Astromancers. In the end, she is given the untainted, gold Dragon Disk and still-powerless Codex by Nova Terron, who resigns as leader of the Astromancers to stay with his longtime starmate Geraldine by going off on inter-dimensional adventures with her, and gives the topmost position of "Star Mistress" to the teenage orphan. He does this by presenting her with the Codex and the untainted, golden Dragon Disk, despite the fact that both are drained dry of their ancient magic.


  • Malvaron Grimm (voiced by Deven Mack) – A young, talented male mid-level Astromancer who is stationed in the palace. He becomes the Mysticons' new instructor in mystical abilities. He has romantic feelings for Arkayna, which are expressed somewhat when he admitted that he was scared that he might lose her. Unlike top-level Astromancers, his exceptionally powerful innate magical aura is colored light orange; the same as his aunt Geraldine Yaga. He is the love interest and starmate of Princess Arkayna.


  • Douglaphius "Doug" Hadderstorm (voiced by Doug Hadders) – A large cyclops Astromancer and friend of Malvaron. He becomes Malvaron's assistant in training the new Mysticons. He has an obsession with a tiny child's collectible called "Twinkly Mare" and "Twinkly Dragon". Even though he is in the Order of the Astromancers, he seems to possess no magical abilities whatsoever, which he himself officially confirms in The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon chapter book of not having any "flashy powers."

Spectral Hand[edit]

  • Queen Necrafa (voiced by Valerie Buhagiar) – Leader and witch queen of the sinister Spectral Hand who was defeated by the original Mysticons a thousand years ago. Dreadbane intends to resurrect her with the Dragon Disk, though it is later implied she is imprisoned in another dimension which Dreadbane intends to breach. Once she is released, she double-crosses her devoted general by hurling him into the dark world where she was trapped. She similarly uses the Codex, draining its magic to rejuvenate herself and amplify her power, before hurling it through the gateway. Necrafa doubts Tazma's word that there are new Mysticons, and regards them as mere children when she confronts them in Drake City. Necrafa joins with the Spectral Dragon but is destroyed by Arkayna and Zarya who bonded together and turned into twin dragons. However, a fragment of the skeletal mask she wore is left behind. It is revealed that she was originally a powerful elf, highly gifted in ancient elf magics, whose entire being was fully consumed by the mask of the Spectral Hand, turning her into undead lich-queen of pure evilness. This implies that she is/was distantly related to Piper.
  • General Dreadbane (voiced by Deven Mack) – The undead leader of the skeleton army who loves Necrafa and seeks to steal the Dragon Disk to resurrect her. He eventually succeeds but she rejects his feelings and hurls him into her former prison, an inter-dimensional world of darkness. He is discovered there by Tazma and the Mysticons who came searching for the Codex. Having lost his memory he calls himself "Reginald" and had built a flower garden as an expression of his unrequited love. In a bizarre turn of events, he attacks Tazma, warning that Necrafa will betray her. He later uses Zarya's mystical bowstring to return to his lair. He takes the yellow mystic rings to give to Necrafa, but comes to see that she used him; He throws the rings down and he leaves. He returns in "Fear the Spectral Hand" in which he was revealed to have a mighty Sky Lancer who defended the realm bravely until he was tainted by the evil forces of the Spectral Hand; thus becoming the undead skeleton Dreadbane. In an act of self-sacrifice he reverses the spell of petrification on the King and Queen, and makes Arkayna promise to defend the city he loves before expiring into the stars.
  • Skeleton/Spectral Army – Hundreds of undead skeletons who work for Queen Necrafa and Dreadbane. Once Necrafa is released, she uses her magnified powers to give them "a makeover" by turning them into hooded spectral-like creatures. They were ultimately destroyed by the Twin Dragons, Arkayna and Zarya.
  • Spectromancers – As of "Happily Never After", dozens of top-level Astromancers (including Nova Terron, Gandobi, and Quasarla) were all quickly overpowered by Proxima and turned into her masked, mindless minions. Proxima proclaimed herself the new leader and Queen of the Spectral Hand; her very first command was for them to kneel before her as she corrupted the Dragon Disk. She then had them utilize the ancient starfire ink she had stolen for her to effectively create her very own Dark Codex. After Proxima was released from the mask's darker hold, she reversed the spell which turned them back into Astromancers.

Pink Skulls[edit]

A group of sky pirates who plunder and pillage whatever they find. They were founded several years ago when Zarya was a young orphan girl in Drake City.

  • Kitty Boon – Captain of the Pink Skulls and Zarya's childhood friend. She takes advantage of this relationship to incapacitate the Mysticons and obtain the Dragon Disk, which she sells to Dreadbane. She later fights alongside the Mysticons, and on a third occasion gives Zarya inspiration to thwart Necrafa's plans. She is later revealed to be Zarya's romantic love interest.
  • Kasey Boon – Kitty's younger brother who Emerald developed a crush on. He gave her a bracelet which was revealed to be a tracking device to follow the Mysticons. He later appears to have second thoughts about taking advantage of Em's feelings for him, and catches her.[clarification needed]

Mer-Knights of the Silver Trident[edit]

Fierce and brave mermaid/mermen warriors who possess the ancient and very powerful silver tridents of myth. According to Emerald, children's tales of them have been famous for many, many years:

  • Kelpie Truefin – A young and tough mermaid warrior and daughter of Queen Truefin who crosses paths with the Mysticons during their search of the ocean depths, for the bone statues of Princess Arkayna's mother and stepfather. Distrusting them, she zaps Zarya and Arkayna with her silver trident and accuses them of trespassing. She makes a second appearance in "The Mask" along with her mother.
  • Queen Truefin – Queen of the Mer-Knights of the Silver Trident, who has the statues of Goodfey and Darius in her possession, with the intent of sacrificing them to a vicious kraken. She initially mistrusts the Mysticons, but works alongside them to stop the kraken. She apologizes for her actions by giving Emerald one of her silver tridents.

Dragons of Light[edit]

Millennium ago, the ancient and mighty Dragons of Light had fought a fiercely violent final battle in their sacred homeland of Dragonhenge. Unfortunately, thousands had fallen and were thought to be extinct at the hand of one of the Spectral Dragons. Until a dragon egg was discovered by the second generation of Mysticons, which hatched an infant storm dragon whom Arkayna decided to christen "Stormy."

  • King Valmuk- The king of Dragonhenge and the majestic, mighty ruler of the Dragons of Light. He had mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again for the next thousand years. His renowned wife and queen Auratha had tragically perished alongside most of their fellow dragons. It is revealed that he had been living among the citizens of the modern world as a panhandler called "Snor-y Dude" by the Mysticons, due him always snoring and begging for a gold coin. In "The Edge of Two Morrows", it was he who had sent Piper into an alternate reality, so she could learn to embrace her destiny as a Mysticon. He revealed his true form to the Mysticons, in "The Last Dragon" so he could take Stormy home and unite her with their family who have been hidden in a secret location at Dragonhenge, a cavern full of dragon eggs. He makes a second and final appearance in "Age of Dragons", as the Mysticons require his wisdom and ancient power in putting an end to the Spectral Hand once and for all.
  • Stormy- An infant storm dragon who had been found by the second generation of legendary Mysticons, in the sewers of Drake City. Due to her weather-controlling abilities, Arkayna christened her "Stormy" and vowed to keep her safe, as she was the last of her kind. When King Valmuk revealed himself, he and Stormy flew off to Dragonhenge, where he used his ancient dragon fire to reveal a hidden cavern, in which were dozens of surviving golden dragon eggs.
  • Dragon Mounts- Four of the dozens of baby dragons that had resided in the yellow eggs, hidden secretly in a cave of Dragonhenge and had escaped total death and annihilation by the original Spectral Dragon. After going through the swirling portal to the Ever Realm, the four returned as full-fledged Dragons of Light instantaneously. Each one is colored in the Mysticons' signature color:
    • Pale green for Princess Arkayna
    • Pale blue for Zarya
    • Pale orange for Piper
    • Pale purple for Emerald

They seem to have replaced the everlasting faithful griffin mounts- Izzie, Archer, Miss Paisley and Topaz- as the Mysticons are seen on the dragons backs in the last scene of the show.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Neeko (voiced by Cory Doran) – A homeless orphan with short pink hair. He is given a bag of food that Zarya and Piper stole. Zarya always tells him to "keep the magic real", implying that he may possess inherent magical abilities. He is surprised to learn that Zarya was a Mysticon the whole time in "Game of Phones."
  • Serena Snake Charmer (voiced by Julie Lemieux) – A gorgon reporter who has wiggly blonde hair of live snakes, one of which is named Serena. She dons sunglasses during her big reports. She reported live on the coronation of Gwayne "the Great", and got a closer look at Arkayna gate-crashing the party as the Dragon Mage. Her last appearance was in "The Foz Who Saved Lotus Night" when she was turned full zombie.
  • Kymraw – A gruff female troll who leads a biker gang and speaks in the third person. She aided in the abduction of recently crowned King Gwayne. She swore vengeance on the Mysticons, and attempts to take it on later occasions. She gave Dreadbane information on the Codex when she overheard Piper's boasting. She betrays Tazma and hands over the completed Codex to Dreadbane for two gold-filled treasure chests, stating that "double-cross means double pay." She is eventually hypnotized by Tazma into doing her biding as payment for this double-cross.
  • Barnabas Dinklelot – A troll who is a security guard at the mall where the second Codex spellbook was found by Piper. He also likes Twinkly Mare and gave one to Doug as a token of their adventure together. He later shows holographic stories of the leader of the original Mysticons, Imani Firewing, and her final battle against Necrafa. In Season 2, he narrates the heroic tale "The Foz Who Saved Lotus Night" to several foz.
  • Imani Firewing – One thousand years ago, she was chosen as the first Dragon Mage and leader of the original Mysticons, who had perished defending the realm of Gemina from Queen Necrafa. First appearing in a flashback in "The Astromancer Job", she was the last of her generation of Mysticons standing against Dreadbane in the wasteland of Victory Heights; she defeated Necrafa by unleashing the powers of her mystical "Bracer of the Heavens", imprisoning Necrafa in a far-off world, but this caused Imani to lose her own life. A statue of her is in the royal treasury and on the Hill of Heroes alongside her fellow Mysticons. In "The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon" novel, it is revealed that she was deeply afraid of foz.
  • Geraldine Yaga Grimm (voiced by Lili Franks) – Is a powerful top-level Astromancer, and Malvaron and Tazma Grimm's aunt. She is an astral traveler who hops from dimension to dimension but seeks refuge in Centaur Park once a year. According to her nephew, she is a minor demigoddess who is eccentric and loves cake. She is deceived by Tazma, who claims that Zarya and Emerald had stolen her magical artifacts and spellbooks. After Geraldine is overpowered by Emerald releasing her Unicorn Bracer's mystical power, she sends Tazma away for a "time out" and cures Zarya of a life-draining spell. She then heads off for the magical kingdom of Arizona. Besides being telepathic, it is implied that she can foresee the future. She eventually is tasked with being the guardian and caretaker of Proxima, to keep her safe from Tazma and Queen Necrafa, by welcoming the long-lost Princess of Gemina to stay with her in the dimension of Earth.
  • Captain Kaos (voiced by Jamie Waston) – A large parrot-like creature who is captain of a pirate crew; he had attacked the village where Zarya and Kitty lived as young children. In retaliation for later marooning him on a desert island, he returns and abducts Kasey to lure Zarya and Kitty into a trap. He hypnotizes them into following him to the island's ancient ruins, where a malevolent force seeks to devour their souls. However, Zarya utilizes her Wolf Bracer to push him down into the ruins which devours his entire being.
  • Hortensia Q. Sparklebottom – The overprotective matron of the orphanage where Proxima was raised. She dotes on children and is determined to keep them safe from harm. She had deliberately planted the evidence of Proxima being Arkayna's long-lost twin sister by placing her blue-green birth gem in the vault of the dragon, to protect Zarya's true identity. She is shown to have done this many years ago, at the time when Nova Terron had came to give the younger princess twin a foz balloon for her starday. It was then that Hortensia had switched the toddler Zarya with toddler Proxima, who happened to be right next to the true royal twin at the time.
  • Lance O'Lovely – A gnome who was once a popular singer of the boy band Gnomes to Men which played at Gawayne's coronation. He is a celebrity idolized by Emerald, Piper and Doug. According to Emerald, he sang his way from the streets to fame and fortune. However, he is revealed to be a fraud who used a magic microphone to rob former-bandmate Vesper of her talent.
  • Vesper – A banshee who headed the band Vesper and the Phantoms, but backup singer Lance O'Lovely robbed her of her magical singing voice, leaving her with only her ground-shattering, ultrasonic screams and deafening subsonic screeches. She returned to reclaim her magical voice and become a celebrity singer.
  • Mr. Snellson- The male snail and librarian of the mythical Library of the Eternal Equinox. He is the powerful enforcer who enforces the rules of the library. Debuting in "Happily Never After", he is unable to help the Mysticons prevent Proxima from stealing ancient starfire ink.

Series elements[edit]

Magical artifacts[edit]

  • The Dragon Disk – A supremely powerful artifact which is sentient and has a will of its own. It had belonged to the original Mysticons and became dormant after their sacrifice to stop Queen Necrafa. Every few centuries it chooses four new Mysticons to defend Gemina. It falls into the hands of Dreadbane who wished to use it to revive Necrafa. The Mysticons make an exact duplicate of the Disk from four items gathered across the realm. Kitty later manages to retrieve it and gives to Zarya to make amends for her actions. It became one with the completed Codex by affixing itself to its dark green cover, but was later torn off by Tazma and presented to Necrafa, who revealed the prophecy predicting imminent doom for the realm. It was recovered and presented to Nova Terron by Malvaron but was taken and corrupted by a vengeful Proxima, turning it from a golden-yellow to a deep blood-red. It is then affixed to Proxima's Dark Codex, which further increases its already powerful dark magic to significant levels.
  • The Codex – An ancient and powerful tome that is the main source of the Mysticons' strength and abilities. It was split into four separate books of spells, along with mystic bracers, and scattered across Gemina for safekeeping. Once found, each Mysticon has her own book of spells and bracer that contains the symbol of the dragon, the phoenix, the wolf and the unicorn. When all four spellbooks are combined, it amplifies their mystical abilities a hundred times. After it is used to release Necrafa from her prison, she commands it to fill her with its immense power, rejuvenating her and magnifying her dark powers. Necrafa then disposed of the Codex in the dark realm where she had been trapped. The Mysticons eventually recover it with the unexpected aid of Dreadbane. Unfortunately, it has been completely drained of all of its magic since Queen Necrafa had commanded it to "fill her with its power" upon her release in Episode Thirteen.

In addition to its four spellbooks, each Mysticon dons a jeweled bracer that represents their own animal which can also be used underwater:

  • Dragon Bracer – Arkayna's bright green bracer unleashes a roaring green dragon that can carry others and cause intense damage to its target. Its attack phrase is "Unleash the Dragon!", though at times it is "Release the Dragon!" It is the most used.
  • Phoenix Bracer– Piper's bracer which can unleash intense fiery power, just like Arkayna's mystical Dragon bracer. Its attack phrase is "Fly, Phoenix, Fly!"
  • Wolf Bracer– Zarya's light blue-colored mystical bracer that was once corrupted in the possession of Dreadbane. It was the last to be recovered by the Mysticons, but the third to be found. Unlike the other three, Zarya does not call out the animal it represents; its attack phrase being "Time to Howl!" It is colored a light blue, the same color as Mallory's Snake Bracer.
  • Unicorn Bracer – Emerald's bright pink bracer which has healing powers. Its attack phrase is "Battle Unicorn, Charge!" Emerald had gained it in "A Walk in the Park." It is the same pink color as Eartha's Basilisk bracer.

Other magical objects[edit]

  • Queen Necrafa's Necklace – Necrafa used this as protection against the animal bracers mystic abilities of the original four Mysticons. When she was defeated, its four gems were scattered. It was found by Dreadbane who was transformed into a skeletal figure when he touched it. It is destroyed in "The Dragon's Rage" along with its wearer.
  • The Mask of the Spectral Hand- A sinister-looking object that Necrafa (who was, in fact, originally a very powerful elven sorceress) donned, covering her mouth completely. She switches to her second face to emit an exceptionally powerful burst of red energy which acts as a hypersonic shriek. However, it appears to possess evil magic of its own, as a fragment of the mask was capable of taking possession of Kelpie and Queen Truefin's minds. This fragment appears to have fed on Proxima's feelings of loneliness and hatred, and she willingly hid it from the Mysticons. She now wears its fragment on the left side of her face, proclaiming herself the new leader of the Spectral Hand, allowing its dark power to feed off her bitter feelings of loneliness, abandonment and betrayal. As a result, it has become strongly attracted to Proxima, to the point of making her desire to wipe out the entire realm of Gemina in the process of revenge on Arkayna, and to point of taking full possession of her body and mind. However, Mallory still coveted it and its dark untold power. Unfortunately for her, it also took hold of her mind and body as it had for Proxima.
  • The Dark Codex- After snatching and corrupting the ancient, all-powerful Dragon Disk, from bright gold to blood-red, a thoroughly vengeful and heartbroken Proxima had her mindless Spectromancers use ancient starfire ink to effectively create her very own Codex book of dark spells. Once she affixed the tainted Dragon Disk to it, she used her darker, and far more powerful star magic to call upon the Vexicons; four female warriors to combat the Mysticons. it also contains steps to finding special ingredients to creating certain objects of powerful evil magic; such as wave resonators. What became of the Dark Codex remains unknown, as no further display of its evil magics have been revealed by Proxima, and that the Dragon Disk had been eventually removed from its gray cover (off-screen).

Magical weaponry[edit]

These are the four immensely powerful magic-infused weaponry belonging to the Mysticons, four legendary heroes who defend the realm of Gemina and its people from any evil. They were created by the ancient, all-powerful Dragon Disk which had chosen the original Mysticons a millennia ago. They are used constantly rather than the special power each Mysticon possesses:

  • Dragon Mage Staff – The weapon of the Dragon Mage, signifying her as leader of the team. It has a light green glass orb in its center which emits strong and blazing green-colored flames. It can convert this fiery energy into other shapes, such as a net, a shield or rope.
  • Ranger Bow and Arrow – Weapon of the Mysticon Ranger, which fires a lightning-like arrow. It can also be converted into a rope or even a net to retain targets from a short distance. On some occasions, Zarya fired two lightning arrows at once.
  • Striker Energy Hoops – Three golden chakrams that act as boomerangs when thrown and can knock out multiple enemies from a distance. They can also expand to be used as a grappling hook or rope.
  • Knight Star Sword – Weapon of Mysticon Knight, which can generate a powerful wave of pink mystical energy to cut through solid objects. In The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon chapter book, the unnamed Mysticon Knight (who was a male dwarf) had wielded a purple-and-pink broadsword.
  • Knight Energy Shield- A pink/magenta-colored energy shield wielded by Emerald, with which she defends herself and her friends by altering it into various shapes of protection; a circle, sphere or even a small dome. She can even surf on it for faster midair transportation. It has not been confirmed whether this is a weapon or an actual special ability of Mysticon Knight.

Vexicon weapons[edit]

These are the magic-infused weapons of the Vexicons, the four evil counterparts of the Mysticons. Each is somewhat similar to the weapons of light wielded by the Mysticons. Only Willa does not display any actual weapon, but prefers her Vexicon abilities; her "Doom Boom" attack and teleporting via purple smoke.

  • Crystal Ice Staff- The weapon of Mallory, the blue-skinned ambitious and power-mad leader of the Vexicons. It is the evil counterpart to the green Dragon Mage Staff wielded by Princess Arkayna as Mysticon Dragon Mage. As opposed emitting green fire/flames from it, this blue staff generates strong ice/snow/frost magic; capable of projecting a strong blast of snowy magic, encase victims in ice cubes, and erect an orb of ice for defense. In place of a light green lotus on its mount, it has a deep blue jagged crystal.
  • Feline Energy Claws- Being a humanoid feline, Kasha uses her catlike claws to fire a stream of red-white claws of a type of evil energy that can scratch victims from a distance.
  • Hammer- The weapon of Eartha, the "evil" counterpart of Emerald. She does not use it every time she appears, as her fellow Vexicons do with their weaponry, but she can project a strong beam of dark pink energy from it if need to.

Other magical weapons[edit]

  • The Silver Trident – An extremely powerful and dangerous object that is the main weapon and symbol of the merpeople of the Silver Trident. These can emit lightning bolts of white electric energy and erect a transparent dome-shaped shield. Emerald is given one in recognition of her bravery. It is later shown able to grant marine physiology to those who cannot otherwise breathe underwater.
  • Queen Necrafa's Scepter – A long thin skeletal staff with a red crystal orb in its center. Necrafa can use it to teleport via red portals, erect powerful force-fields, and mutate her skeleton-like servants into hooded Specters. It is destroyed by the combined forces of the Princess Twins of Gemina (combined strength of Princess Arkayna and Zarya), who had transformed into the green-and-blue Twin Dragon by tapping into the magic of two yellow rings.
  • Proxima's Scepter – This long and thin golden staff was presumably created in secret via the Celestial Forge. It further develops and drastically magnifies all of Proxima's already powerful star magic to even greater levels. She demonstrated its power by turning Nova Terron and other Astromancers into Spectromancers. From it, she emits powerful bursts of blood-red dark star magic.
  • Lances of Justice- After the old king (Princess Arkayna and Zarya's birth father) had suddenly died defending the realm from evildoers, a grieved Queen Goodfey had dedicated her life to protecting all of Gemina to ensure her husband's demise was not in vain. She ordered that Nova Terron create magical lances that had the ability to further increase the mystical animal bracers of the Mysticons, thus strengthening their attack power. The plans to create them had been hidden in Queen Goodfey's necklace for safekeeping. They were forged in the magic furnace of the drawven mines, at Rudix Hollow, by each of the Mysticons. Each lance is colored in the Mysticons' signature color.

Powers and abilities[edit]

These are the unique superpowers and abilities each of the four Mysticons possess, but for some reason are never used or relied upon as constantly as their weapons are. Some are psionic/psychic/extrasensory, while others are what fairies and pixies possess. Only the special abilities of Zarya Moonwolf and Emerald Goldenbraid were never revealed in the show:

  • Telekinesis- The one of many that the brave leader of the Mysticons, Mysticon Dragon Mage, alone possess. Princess Arkayna Goodfey first utilizes this psionic ability to telekinetically create a ramp for the midair limousine to escape Kymraw, in Episode Three. Her eyes glow white, and a telekinetic aura is seen around her hands in a light green, though at one point, a darker greenish aura glowed around the rocks she psionically moved in "The Prophecy Unleashed", likely due to her telekinesis being given a boost from her rage and fury.
  • Pixie Blast- Is the fairy-related special power of Piper Willowbrook as the second Mysticon Striker. She emits a stream of bright yellow, glittery fairy dust from her hands which dazzles her enemies from a distance.


In the United States, Mysticons premiered on Nickelodeon through a 5-day event over the week starting August 28, 2017, before moving to its regular Sunday morning timeslot. Mysticons began airing on Nicktoons on August 30.[9] Premieres moved to that network with the show's second broadcast season on January 13, 2018.[10] Reruns also aired on Nick Jr. and TeenNick.[11]

In Canada, the series debuted on YTV through a similar 5-day event on August 28, 2017 before moving to its Sunday timeslot on September 3, 2017. Reruns began airing on Nickelodeon and Teletoon on September 9. In French Canada, a 5-day preview aired on Télétoon between September 4 and 8, before moving to its regular slot on September 9.[12][13]

In Arabia, it debuted on Nicktoons. In the UK and Ireland, it was broadcast on Nicktoons on February 12, 2018. and also on CITV on July 16, 2018.


Prior to the show's debut, Nelvana launched a YouTube channel for Mysticons on July 19, 2017.[14] The web content was produced by Blue Ant Media.[15] In October 2017, Nelvana launched the "Piper Parkour" browser game and the free-to-play iOS and Android Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina mobile game. In December 2017, a second browser game, "Arkayna Attack" was launched, followed by "Em's Mayhem" in February 2018 and "Cover of Night" in March 2018. All five were developed by Relish Interactive.

Playmates Toys released a Mysticons toyline in late 2017.[16] The Topps Company published a trading card game concurrently.[17] A Burger King kids meal promotion ran in the United States and Canada in February and March 2018.[18]

Macmillan Publishers launched a Mysticons novel series on June 19, 2018, with the first two titles being the show adaptation Quest for the Codex and the original story The Secret of the Fifth Mysticon.[19][20][21] The second set, the novelization Prophecy of Evil and the original story The Stolen Magic were released on August 28, 2018.[22][23] A third original novel, titled The Diamond Curse was released on January 8, 2019.[24] Alongside the text versions, Macmillan also released audiobooks of their original stories narrated by members of the show's voice cast. Dark Horse Comics launched a series of graphic novels by Kate Leth and Megan Levens on August 15, 2018.[2][25]

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Elevation Pictures released the first DVD volume in Canada containing episodes 1-6 on June 19, 2018, under the name "New Heroes Rise."[26]


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