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09월 26일 뮤콘 쇼케이스 MUCON Showcase (51).jpg
MYTEEN at MUCON Showcase in September 2017
From left to right: Hanseul, Yuvin, Chunjin, Junseop, Kookheon, Taevin, Eunsu.
Background information
OriginSouth Korea
Years active2016 (2016)–present
LabelsThe Music Works
  • Lee Taevin
  • Chunjin
  • Eunsu
  • Kim Kookheon
  • Shin Junseop
  • Song Yuvin
  • Hanseul

MYTEEN (Hangul마이틴; short for Make Your Teenager) is a South Korean boy group formed by The Music Works in 2016 and debuted in 2017 with the release of their first extended play titled MYTEEN GO!. The group consists of seven members: Lee Taevin, Chunjin, Eunsu, Kim Kookheon, Shin Junseop, Song Yuvin, and Hanseul.



Song Yuvin was competed in the singing competition show Superstar K6 in 2014, where he finished in TOP4. He later signed The Music Works[1] and debuted as a soloist with releasing digital single "To The Bone It's You" featuring BTOB's Minhyuk on May 30, 2016.[2] Later that month, The Music Works also announced that Song Yuvin would debut with an upcoming boy group in the first half of 2017 named MYTEEN.[3][4][5] The group's name is a portmanteau of words "MY" and "TEENAGER" and reportedly meant that the group would be composed of idols who are vibrant and bright as teenagers.[4] The Music Works later introduced seven members: Lee Taevin, Chunjin, Eunsu, Kim Kookheon, Shin Junseop, Hanseul with Song Yubin on Baek Ji-young's nationwide concert Andante in Busan on August 27 with performed their upcoming track "Amazing" (Hangul어마어마하게).[6][7][8]

To further promote their group, MYTEEN performed at selected middle and high schools in each region of South Korea as part of their Follow MYTEEN tour between October and November 2016.[9][10] In January 2017, they held their first international fan meeting at Hong Kong[11] and had their first reality show Trainee Escape Project - Myteen Go! (Hangul연습생 탈출 프로젝트 - 마이틴 GO!) aired on MBC Music.[12][13]

2017: Debut with MYTEEN GO! and MIXNINE[edit]

The group made their official debut on July 26 with the release of their first EP titled MYTEEN GO!. The EP contains seven tracks with the title track "Amazing".[14] Their debut showcase was held at the Ilchi Art Hall on the same day as the album's release.[15] They made their official debut stage on the music program M Countdown on the next day.[16]

In October 2017, Four members (Chunjin, Eunsu, Kookheon and Junseop) participated on the survival show MIXNINE, where only three members (Chunjin, Kookheon and Junseop) passed the auditions and made it into the Top 170.[17] Chunjin and Junseop were eliminated in episodes 7 and 10 respectively [18][19] while Kookheon made it into the finale but did not make the final cut.[20]

2018: F;UZZLE and Japanese debut[edit]

MYTEEN released their second EP F;UZZLE on July 10, 2018, with a total of seven tracks including the lead single "She Bad".[21] They also held comeback showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall on the same day as the album's release.[22][23]

MYTEEN debuted in Japan with their first Japanese single album ‘SHE BAD (Japanese ver.)' on October 24, 2018. [24]


  • Lee Taevin (이태빈)
  • Chunjin (천진)
  • Eun-su (은수)
  • Kim Kookheon (김국헌)[A][25]
  • Shin Junseop (신준섭)
  • Song Yuvin (송유빈)
  • Hanseul (한슬)


Extended plays[edit]

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Myteen Go![B]
Track list
  1. Amazing (어마어마하게)
  2. Hyper (붕 떠)
  3. You-reka (이 동네 왜 이래)
  4. Take It Out (꺼내가)
  5. Mr. Misery
  6. 19.20
  7. Day by Day (짜장면)
17 77
  • Released: July 10, 2018
  • Label: The Music Works, Genie Music
  • Formats: CD, digital download
Track list
  1. Martian
  2. Pretty in Pink
  3. Over You (지난 봄)
  4. SHE BAD
  5. BBQ (At the Barbecue)
  6. Beautiful Goodbye
  7. Pretty (예뻐)
15 TBA
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"Amazing" 2017 Myteen Go!
"She Bad" 2018 F;UZZLE
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released
in that region.


Reality shows[edit]

Year Title Network Note(s)
2016–present Myteen Show Naver TV cast
Naver V-Live
81 episodes (as of 18/07/10)[30]
2017 Myteen Go! MBC Music 7 episodes[12]


  1. ^ Formerly known as Xiheon (시헌)
  2. ^ Released as Myteen Japan 1st Mini Album Myteen Go! in Japan on July 31, 2017.


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