Myth Makers Super Kart GP

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Myth Makers Super Kart GP
Myth Makers Super Kart GP.jpg
North American boxart
Developer(s) Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s) Phoenix Games (PlayStation 2)
Data Design Interactive (PC and European Wii Version)
Conspiracy Entertainment (North America)
Platform(s) Wii, PlayStation 2, PC
  • EU: 1 January 2006 (PC)
  • EU: 16 November 2007 (Wii)
  • NA: 18 December 2007
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer (2-4)

Myth Makers Super Kart GP is a racing game from English developer/publisher Data Design Interactive. It was released in January 2006 for the PC. In February 2007, Data Design announced it would release the game on the Wii.


The game is set in 5 levels which were designed to appeal to children.[1] Players can play as one of 8 drivers (referred to as "Myth Makers"). The game features pick-ups like weapons and shields that affect gameplay. Players can also choose from 8 different vehicles (referred to as "karts"). Each kart has different handling, speed and acceleration. The drivers also have special powers.

Courses also feature 20 variations, 5 each for daytime, nighttime, forward and reverse tracks. There is a single player mode, time trial, and tournament mode. Players can earn rewards to unlock vehicles, levels and special powers.

Each character has his or her own course. Some of the characters are, Trixie (a girl in a bunny costume), Jack (a boy in a snowman costume), and Zeek (a boy in a pumpkin costume).


The game has received a 3.5/10 at IGN, which was the highest score a Data Design-made game for the Wii was given by them. But strangely was liked by many people in Europe when it was released on the PS2.[2]


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