Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

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Mythica: A Quest for Heroes
Mythica, A Quest for Heroes official poster.jpeg
Directed byAnne K. Black
Produced byJason Faller and Kynan Griffin
Written byAnne K. Black, Jason Faller, and Kynan Griffin
  • Melanie Stone
  • Adam Johnson
  • Jake Stormoen
  • Nicola Posener
  • Christopher Robin Miller
  • Kevin Sorbo
  • Natalie Devine
  • Robert Jayne
  • Michael Flynn
Music byNathaniel Drew
CinematographyA. Todd Smith
Edited byRob York
Arrowstorm Entertainment
Release date
8 December 2014 (USA)

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes is a 2014 Arrowstorm Entertainment fantasy film written and directed by Anne K. Black and starring Melanie Stone and Kevin Sorbo.[1] The movie was partly funded by a Kickstarter campaign that collected $94,294.[2] It spawned several sequel films.


A young magician Marek dreams of escaping her drab life and taking on exciting adventures. When she meets the help-seeking priestess Teela, she offers her assistance and assembles a motley troupe. Together, they go in search of Teela's sister, who was kidnapped by a wild ogre.[3][4]


  • Melanie Stone as Marek
  • Adam Johnson as Thane
  • Jake Stormoen as Dagen
  • Nicola Posener as Teela
  • Kevin Sorbo as Gojun Pye
  • Christopher Robin Miller as Hammerhead
  • Robert Jayne as Peregus Malister
  • Michael Flynn as Vagamal
  • Jay Beacham as Temple Elder
  • Natalie Devine Riskas as Caeryn
  • Kee Chan as Mekru Nom
  • Sebastian Michael Barr as Egan


The movie was shot in Utah, where producers/writers Faller and Griffin are from.[5]


Kevin Sorbo, who plays one of the roles in the film, said about the project: "Mythica"— a movie like "The Lord of the Rings", where I play someone like Gandalf...[6]


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