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Mythos (complete title: MYTHOS - Adventures in Ancient Greece; Greek: ΜΥΘΟΣ - Περιπέτειες στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα) is a Greek comic book created and drawn by Kostas Frangiadakis (Κώστας Φραγκιαδάκης) set in mythological Ancient Greece. The main character is Mythos the Arcadian (Μύθος ο Αρκάδιος), a hero probably inspired by Conan the Barbarian and sharing some traits with him, namely the fighting, climbing and leadership abilities and the drawing style, although he is not portrayed as muscular and large a man as Conan.

Mythos the Arcadian[edit]

The character of Mythos the Arcadian is portrayed as a mythological hero of unknown and possibly divine origins, rather than as a common human and a thief or mercenary like Conan. Although he battles and solves most situations in a manner similar to Conan, using his natural strength, speed and intellect and favors a longsword in combat, Mythos the Arcadian permanently wears some mysterious metal bracers of which the left one can radiate a transparent magical shield on the wearer's command. Mythos the Arcadian is often described as having "Epsilon" origins, bearing a Delphic Epsilon symbol on his belts' buckler, which would mean he has either divine origins or is a servant to greater, divine or mythological powers. This is probably a reference to the modern Greek popular culture phenomenon of Epsilon Team and Epsilonism, although the Mythos comic books as a whole don't have a propagandistic character favoring Epsilonism, since everything is placed within the mythological domain.

Issues and series[edit]

The comic was first published in March 2005 and the issues are now roughly bi-monthly, appearing in selected comic shops and bookstores around Greece. All the issues are drawn in black and white like classic Conan comic books, except the sixth issue which was special and thus colorized.

The first six issues were published by Cobra Press which had also published The Savage Sword of Conan comic series in Greek, back in the eighties. From issue seven afterwards, the comic is published by "Psyhis ta Lambyrismata" (Soul Twinkles) Press, entering its "Second Cycle" print run. The current issue (June 2007) is number nine. Since issue eight, the issues are co-written by the Greek comics and fiction writer Nektarios Chrissos, based on ideas and concepts of Kostas Frangiadakis.

So far the issues are:

  • Issue 1: Ο Πόλεμος των δύο αδελφών (The war of two brothers)
  • Issue 2: Το πετράδι της Ήρας (The stone(gem) of Hera)
  • Issue 3: Τα Δόντια του Κάδμιου Δράκου (The Teeth of the Cadmian Dragon)
  • Issue 4: Οι Τρεις Ημέρες του Τυφώνα (The Three Days of the Typhoon)
  • Issue 5: Η Στυμφαλίδα Λίμνη (The Lake Stymphalis)
  • Issue 6: Ο Έρωτας της Αφροδίτης (The Love of Aphrodite)
  • Issue 7: Το Καταραμένο Χρυσάφι (The Cursed Gold)
  • Issue 8: Λαβύρινθος (Labyrinth)
  • Issue 9: Εφιάλτες (Hephialtes-Nightmares)
  • Issue 10: Το Μαντείο (Mantio)
  • Issue 11: Λύκοι (Wolves)

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