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Myto nam.jpg
Town square in Mýto
Coat of arms
Name origin: toll, charge for road use
Country Czech Republic
Region Plzeň
District Rokycany
Commune Rokycany
Elevation 443 m (1,453 ft)
Coordinates 49°47′21″N 13°44′06″E / 49.78917°N 13.73500°E / 49.78917; 13.73500Coordinates: 49°47′21″N 13°44′06″E / 49.78917°N 13.73500°E / 49.78917; 13.73500
Area 17.79 km2 (6.87 sq mi)
Population 1,518 (2016-01-01)
Density 85/km2 (220/sq mi)
First mentioned 1336
Mayor František Končel
Timezone CET (UTC+1)
 - summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 338 05
Free <
Location in the Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Myto RO CZ.png
Location of Mýto within Rokycany District
Wikimedia Commons: Mýto
Statistics: statnisprava.cz
Website: www.mestomyto.cz

Mýto, fully Mýto v Čechách (Czech pronunciation: [ˈmiːto]; German: Mauth) is a town in the Czech Republic.


Until 1918, Mýto was part of the Austrian monarchy (Austria side after the compromise of 1867), in the Rokycany district, one of the 94 Bezirkshauptmannschaften in Bohemia.[1]

Austrian KK stamp, issue 1867, cancelled MAUTH



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