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Μυοuς (in Ancient Greek)
Bafa lake3.JPG
Bafa Lake near Myus
Myus is located in Turkey
Shown within Turkey
Alternate name Myous, Myos
Location Avşar, Aydın Province, Turkey
Region Caria
Coordinates 37°35′44″N 27°25′46″E / 37.59556°N 27.42944°E / 37.59556; 27.42944Coordinates: 37°35′44″N 27°25′46″E / 37.59556°N 27.42944°E / 37.59556; 27.42944
Type Settlement

Myus (Ancient Greek: Μυοῦς), sometimes Myous or Myos, was an ancient Greek city in Caria. It was one of twelve major settlements of the Ionian League. The city was said to have been founded by Cyaretus (sometimes called Cydrelus), a son of Codrus. Myus was located on a small peninsula at the coast of the Aegean Sea, but it now lies inland due the sediment deposited by the Maeander River over many centuries. The site of the city lies north of the modern village Avşar in the Söke district of Aydın Province, Turkey

Myus was synoikised with Miletus. Myus had both a temple of Athena and a temple of Herodotus and sources tell us that it was always secondary to Miletos. Instigated by Aristagoras of Miletus, the Ionian Revolt broke out here. It was the beginning of the Greco-Persian Wars.

Location of Myus at Maeander River's mouth.
Ancient Greek votive offering to Apollo with dedicatory inscription in boustrophedon text, Myus, mid 6th century BC, Altes Museum, Berlin.