Mzab–Wargla languages

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North Africa
Linguistic classification Afro-Asiatic
Glottolog moza1250[1]
Kossmann's "Northern Saharan oasis" dialects

The Mzab–Wargla languages or Northern Saharan oasis dialects are a dialect cluster of the Zenati languages (Northern Berber). They are spoken in scattered oases of Algeria and Morocco.


Kossmann (2013)

Marteen Kossmann (2013) listed six "Northern Saharan oasis" dialects:[2]

Ethnologue (2009)

In Ethnologue XVI (2009), the "Mzab–Wargla" languages are listed as:

Unlike Kossmann, Ethnologue considers the Berber dialect spoken in Tidikelt as a separate branch of the Zenati group, distinct from Tuwat.

Blench & Dendo (2006)

Roger Blench and Mallam Dendo (2006) listed eight varieties:[3]

However, Senhaja is actually an Atlas language.

Linguistic maps[edit]


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