Mzab–Wargla languages

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North Africa
Linguistic classificationAfro-Asiatic
Map of Northern Saharan Berber dialects.PNG
Kossmann's "Northern Saharan oasis" dialects

The Mzab–Wargla languages or Northern Saharan oasis dialects are a dialect cluster of the Zenati languages, within the Northern Berber subbranch. They are spoken in scattered oases of Algeria and Morocco.


Kossmann (2013)

Maarten Kossmann (2013) listed six "Northern Saharan oasis" dialects:[2]

Ethnologue (2009)

In Ethnologue XVI (2009), the "Mzab–Wargla" languages are listed as:

Unlike Kossmann, Ethnologue considers the Berber dialect spoken in Tidikelt as a separate branch of the Zenati group, distinct from Tuwat.


Roger Blench (2006) listed eight varieties:[3]

However, Senhaja is actually an Atlas language.

Linguistic maps[edit]


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