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N&J Quarterly is an American counterculture magazine featuring cannabis-related content, adult photography, crude humor, culinary advice, and left-leaning articles.[1]


Nug & Jug Illustrated was founded in 2008 by five journalism students at the University of Missouri, led by local editor Eric Weathers. Although unaffiliated with the university, the publication relied heavily on student recruitment of area models and reporting of the school's party scene as staple content.[2]


Following modest success in local distributing and sponsorships, Weathers expanded the publication in February 2009 into the more explicit N&J Quarterly. The magazine now features international modeling talent, most notably from the United Kingdom, as well as increased focus on global politics and travel, Cannabis law-reform, and gourmet cooking.[3]

The magazine has been praised by the American organization NORML for its support in the cause of reforming federal marijuana laws, and has won several awards in Missouri for its reporting on the depopulation of Diego Garcia in its article "Pawntanamo Bay: The Untold Story of Diego Garcia."[3]