Nelida Lobato

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Nelida Lobato
Nélida Lobato.JPG
Nélida Lobato
Born Haydée Nélida Menta
19 June 1934
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died May 9, 1982(1982-05-09) (aged 47)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Dancer & Actress

Nélida Lobato (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈneliða loˈβato]; 1934–1982), was born Haydée Nélida Menta in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was a prominent dancer and actress, considered one of the best main acts in the world. She began her career when Buddy Day, owner of the theatre Bin-Bam-Bum of Santiago, Chile, gave her the opportunity to star in his theatre. Despite her small stature, she had sex appeal and was noted for her exuberance on the stage. She starred in the show at the legendary Lido de Paris, France in the fashionable Champs-Elysées, after appearing in “Las Vegas” where her show lasted almost five years. In Buenos Aires, she starred in several "revistas" (variety shows) and played Roxie Hart in the original Buenos Aires version of the musical Chicago. She died of cancer in 1982.


Film/TV Year Note
Come to dance the rock 1957 Movie.
As long there is a cirque 1958 Argentinian and Chilean film production.
Clouds of smoke 1959 Argentinian and Peruvian film.
Andy Rusell Show 1960 USA Television.
Scream of the Butterfly 1965 USA film, with Nick Novarro, Richard Beebe, Robert Miller.
Blum 1970 Argentinian film.
The world of Nelida Lobato 1971 Television series.
Maipazo 1972 Maipo Theatre, Buenos Aires.
Argentinisima 1972 Argentinian musical film.
Chicago 1977 Musical, with Ambar La Fox, National Theatre, Buenos Aires.
The party of all 1978 Argentinian movie.
Konex Platinum award 1981 Awarded Best of Argentine spectacle.
The Butterfly 1982 Maipo Theatre, her last show.

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