Nông Văn Vân

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Nông Văn Vân (農文雲, ?–1835) was the leader of a peasant revolt in Vietnam from 1833-1835.[1] Although the revolt is often seen as Nùng tribal separatism, historian Nguyễn Phan Quang argues that the revolt had national aspirations.[2][3]


  1. ^ Bradley Camp Davis States of Banditry: The Nguyen Government, Bandit Rule, and the ... 2008 Page 27 "a major rebellion against the Minh Menh Court erupted in Cao Bang when Nông Văn Vân (農文雲) attempted to assert his independent control over Bao Lac County. Once the Dai Nam government quelled Nong Van Van's insurrection in .. Nông Văn Vân's Rebellion .. [Footnote] In Vietnamese, Nguyen Phan Quang has authored four in-depth pieces of micro-history about the rebellion that address the origins, events, as well as oral traditions about the rebellion in Bao Lac, Ha Tuyen, Chg Ra, and the entire province of ..... ."
  2. ^ Diane M. Jones Peasant revolts and historical consciousness in Vietnam: two ... 1990 - Page 116 "If Quang is correct, the missionary imagined that the Khoi rebellion would be the vehicle for the abolition of a hateful pagan dynasty and the dawn of a Catholic Vietnam. The revolt of Nong van Van. Not long after Le van Khoi issued the call for ..." p149 "Building on this background of Be-Nguyen involvement in nationalistic causes, Nguyen Phan Quang argues that the Nong Van Van revolt was not a movement for minority separatism, but an attempt at national transformation: the overthrow "
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