Nøgne Ø

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Nøgne Ø
Type Brewery
Location Grimstad, Norway Aust-Agder
Opened 2002
Key people Gunnar Wiig, Kjetil Jikiun
Annual production volume 25.000hl (2016)
Employees 24
Parent Hansa Borg Bryggerier
Website https://www.nogne-o.com/
Active beers
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Nøgne Ø is a brewery, founded in 2002 by Gunnar Wiig and Kjetil Jikiun in Grimstad, Norway.


Nøgne Ø was founded late in 2002 by Gunnar Wiig and Kjetil Jikiun. The brewery name, Nøgne Ø, is old Danish for "Naked Isle". It was selected from a 19th century Norwegian poem called Terje Vigen by Henrik Ibsen.[1]

In November 2013, Hansa Borg Bryggerier bought the majority of the shares[2], and in July 2015 Jikiun left the company.[3] In October 2016, they moved to a new brewing facilities next to their old brewery in Grimstad[4].


Nøgne Ø Saison.
Different beer from Nøgne Ø

The brewery produces a large range of beers. In all, 32 varieties are made as of January 2009. In 2009, about 50% of the production was exported to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Perhaps the most sought after beer from this brewery is called Dark Horizon 1st Edition, which was a Gold winner at the World Beer Cup 2008 in San Diego, California for the category of "Other Strong Ale or Lager".[5][6] It is a Russian Imperial Stout with an abv of 16%. Nøgne Ø's Porter got a silver in the category "Robust Porter".

  • #100 (Brew number 100, and jubilee-beer for the dissolution of union with Sweden in 1905)
  • Amber Ale
  • Bitter
  • Blonde (an updated version of Kos på Groos)
  • Brown Ale
  • Brun
  • Havre Stout
  • Imperial Stout
  • Imperial Brown Ale
  • India Pale Ale
  • Pale Ale
  • Porter
  • Saison
  • Two Captains (Double IPA)
  • Wit
  • Dugges Sahti

In addition to the regular beers that are brewed all year, the brewery has several beers that are seasonal or brewed only one time:

  • Dark Horizon 1st edition (launched 2007)
  • Dark Horizon 2nd edition (launched 2008)
  • Dark Horizon 3rd edition (launched 2010)
  • Dark Horizon 4th edition (launched 2013)
  • Red Horizon 1st edition (launched 2010)
  • Red Horizon 2nd edition (launched 2013)
  • Red Horizon 3rd edition (launched 2013)
  • Sweet Horizon edition (launched 2010)
  • Special Holiday Ale (2009)
  • Julesnadder
  • Winter Ale (God Jul)
  • Julenatt (2004–2006)
  • Peculiar Yule (Underlig Jul)
  • God Påske
  • Trippel (2003–2004)
  • Weiss (2003)
  • Beyond the Pale Ale (2006)
  • Kos på Groos (2008)
  • Le Vanilla Framboise Porter
  • Sunturnbrew
  • Tangerine Dream (2008)
  • Tiger Tripel
  • Tyttebær
  • Ut På Tur (2008)
  • Weiss (2003)

The company also produces sake, as the first and only brewery in Europe.[1]

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