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Limfjordsbroen, the bridge linking Nørresundby with Aalborg over the Limfjord
Limfjordsbroen, the bridge linking Nørresundby with Aalborg over the Limfjord
Official seal of Nørresundby
Coat of arms of Nørresundby
Coat of arms
Nickname(s): Nørrenutten, Nørrenitten
Nørresundby is located in Denmark
Coordinates: 57°04′N 9°55′E / 57.067°N 9.917°E / 57.067; 9.917Coordinates: 57°04′N 9°55′E / 57.067°N 9.917°E / 57.067; 9.917
Country Denmark Denmark
Region Region Nordjylland
Municipality Aalborg Municipality
Population (2014)
 • Total 21,761
Time zone Central Europe Time (UTC+1)
Postal code 9400

Nørresundby is a city in Aalborg Municipality, north of Limfjorden, in Vendsyssel, in Denmark. The urban area has a population of 21,761 (1 January 2014).[1] It is located just north of Aalborg, which lies south of Limfjorden. Statistically its own urban area since 2006, it is often still considered part of Aalborg, sometimes the name Greater Aalborg (Stor-Aalborg) is used to describe the concept.

The city is connected to Aalborg by Limfjordsbroen a road bridge, an iron railway bridge, as well as a motorway (E45) passing it to the east and running under the Limfjord.

Nørresundby is the site of the Lindholm Høje settlement and burial ground from the Germanic Iron Age and Viking times. There is also a museum on the site.

Nørresundby has many sports clubs, most notably Lindholm IF, whose highest ranking football team as of the 2013–14 season play at the fourth-highest Danish level, Danmarksserien.[2]


Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1787 496 —    
1801 606 +22.2%
1834 874 +44.2%
1845 895 +2.4%
1860 1,376 +53.7%
1870 1,609 +16.9%
1880 1,757 +9.2%
1890 1,825 +3.9%
1901 3,544 +94.2%
1911 5,362 +51.3%
1921 9,497 +77.1%
1930 13,789 +45.2%
1940 15,582 +13.0%
1950 17,288 +10.9%
1960 22,625 +30.9%
1970 23,150 +2.3%
1976* 22,339 −3.5%
2006 20,923 −6.3%
2009 20,964 +0.2%
Source: Historical population from 1787-2009 [3][4]

In 1865 a pontoon bridge by the name of Christian IX´s pontoon bridge was built. Six years later in 1871 a railroad bridge was built, which still stands today. In 1933 the pontoon bridge was removed and a new bridge, called the Limfjords bridge (Limfjordsbroen), was built in its place. Five years later on 29 May 1938 Aalborg Airport opened. Through 1958-1960 the Limfjords bridge was expanded and in 1969 the Limfjords tunnel (Limfjordstunnelen) east of Nørresundby was opened. There have for several years been spoken about adding a third connection over the Limfjord although no direct action have been taken.



Aalborg Airport is located west of Nørresundby. North Flying has its head office in the North Flying Terminal at Aalborg Airport in Nørresundby.[5]


Nørresundby is served by Lindholm railway station, located in the district of Lindholm in the western part of the city. Lindholm station is located on the Vendsyssel Line between Aalborg and Frederikshavn. It offers direct InterCity services to Copenhagen, regional train services to Aalborg and Frederikshavn, and is the northern terminus of the Aalborg Commuter Rail service to Skørping.


The city is connected to Aalborg by a road bridge Limfjordsbroen, as well as a motorway (E45) passing it to the east and running under the Limfjord.


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