Nükleer Başlıklı Kız

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Nükleer Başlıklı Kız
Origin Ankara, Turkey
Genres Alternative rock, indie rock, indie pop
Years active 2005 – present
Labels Favela Records
Website official site
Members Billur Yapıcı
Tansel Tuna

Nükleer Başlıklı Kız (NBK) is a Turkish band from Ankara.[1] The name means "Nuclear Headed Girl" in Turkish, and is a clear allegory to Kırmızı Başlıklı Kız or Little Red Cap.

Band history[edit]

Nükleer Başlıklı Kız was formed in Ankara in 2005. Since its formation, it has had one core member, vocalist Billur Yapıcı, who was joined by Tansel Tuna in 2009.[2] They reached the finals of the Nokia Supersound Contest in 2006 and won the Sony Ericsson Unistar Music Contest in 2007.[1] They play regularly on stage with bass guitarist Cem Malak, keyboardist Tolga Büyük and drummer Kuzey Yılmaz.[2]


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