Nāwahī (crater)

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Nawahi crater.png
the hills and rugged terrain to the left of Nawahi in the image are part of the Caloris basin rim. A portion of Munch is visible to the right of the image.
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 36°06′N 214°54′W / 36.1°N 214.9°W / 36.1; -214.9Coordinates: 36°06′N 214°54′W / 36.1°N 214.9°W / 36.1; -214.9
Diameter 34
Eponym Joseph Nawahi

Nāwahī is a crater on Mercury. Nawahi crater is located within the large Caloris impact basin. The unusual dark material creating a halo around Nawahi makes this crater of special interest, as the dark material likely represents rocks with a different chemical and mineralogical composition than those of the neighboring surface.[1] The crater is named after Hawaiian patriot and painter Joseph Nāwahī.[2][3]


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