Němčice (Svitavy District)

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Flag of Němčice
Coat of arms of Němčice
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 49°53′N 16°20′E / 49.883°N 16.333°E / 49.883; 16.333
Country Czech Republic
Region Pardubice
 • Mayor Ing. Josef Racek
 • Total 13.17 km2 (5.08 sq mi)
Elevation 385 m (1,263 ft)
Population (1.1.2014)
 • Total 961
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Němčice is a village in the Svitavy District (until January 1, 2007 in the Ústí nad Orlicí District) of the Pardubice Region in the northeast of Bohemia, Czech Republic. It is situated in the north of Svitavy District, near historical town Litomyšl. The population of the village is around 900 inhabitants. The mayor is Josef Racek.[1]

Administrative division and local names[edit]

For the purpose of the law (land register, election, etc.) the village is divided in following parts:

  • Němčice - central village
  • Zhoř - small village situated in a valley to the east of central village Němčice

Some parts of central village have their folk names.

  • Člupek - eastern part of village situated around the road junction of roads to Litomyšl, Vlčkov and Česká Třebová.
  • Pudilka - northern part of village consisting of not more than 10 houses, situated close to adjacent village Vlčkov
  • Podrybník - western part of village consisting of not more than 10 houses, lying on the road to Končiny 2nd part


The first written mention of the village was in 1347.[2]


Němčice is a linear village situated along the stream called Zlatý pásek[2] (Golden Belt), northeast of the town of Litomyšl. In the village eight watermills are built along the stream.

Two second class roads cross the village:

Adjacent towns and villages[edit]


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Coordinates: 49°53′30″N 16°20′44″E / 49.89167°N 16.34556°E / 49.89167; 16.34556