Nõva, Lääne County

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The coastline in Nõva.
The coastline in Nõva.
Nõva is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 59°13′21″N 23°40′54″E / 59.22250°N 23.68167°E / 59.22250; 23.68167Coordinates: 59°13′21″N 23°40′54″E / 59.22250°N 23.68167°E / 59.22250; 23.68167
Country Estonia
County Lääne County
Municipality Nõva Parish
First mentioned[1] 1402
Population (2010[2][1])
 • Total 136

Nõva is a village in Lääne County, on the northwestern coast of Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Nõva Parish. Nõva has a population of 136 as of 2010.[1][2]

Nõva was first mentioned in 1402 as Neyve, the name is believed to originate from the same Finno-Ugric root which has given a name to Neva River.[1]

Nõva is home to wooden St. Olaf's church which was built somewhere in the 18th century. Educator and publisher Friedrich Brandt (1830–1890) served as a sacristan in Nõva in the 1870s.[1]

Swedish politician Ilmar Reepalu was born in Nõva in 1943.


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