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National road N-260
Carretera Nacional N-260
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FromFrench border (Portbou)
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National roads in Spain

The N-260, also known as Eje Pirenaico (Pyrenaean Axis), is the northernmost east-west national road in Spain.

In contrast to the majority of Spanish national roads, which were specially constructed during the mid-20th century, the path for this highway was established at 80's decade over several previously existing secondary (or even local) roads. This fact, along with the mountainous characteristics of the eastern Pyrenees regions it crosses, is the consequence of several stretches being uneven and narrow paths with features further from the modern standard national roads.

The N-260 is in process of being upgraded to the A-26 autovía.

These are the sections of the N-260 road:

Section Stretch Notes
French border (near Portbou) -
French border - Figueres
Figueres - Olot
  • This stretch is a part of the former C-260 road between Roses and Olot (the Roses-Figueres section is still named C-260)
  • The Besalú-Olot stretch has been recently upgraded to the A-26 autovía
  • The Figueres-Besalú stretch is in process of being upgraded to the A-26 autovía
Olot - Ripoll
  • This stretch is an old, narrow and uneven road which became outdated with the recent upgrading of the nearby C-26 road (Olot-Camprodon-Ripoll section), and specially with the opening of the Collabós tunnel.
Ripoll - Puigcerdà path:
The ending of the first section at Ripoll and the beginning of the second section at Puigcerdà are connected via the N-152 road, which passes over the Collada de Tosas (1,800m).
Puigcerdà - El Pont de Suert Puigcerdà - La Seu d'Urgell
  • Following the upper Segre river valley
La Seu d'Urgell - Sort
  • This hilly and narrow stretch passes over Port del Cantó (1,725 m) and is in process of being upgraded
Sort - La Pobla de Segur
  • Part of the former C-147 road (the other parts of this road were recently renamed to C-13) which follows the Noguera Pallaresa river valley
La Pobla de Segur - El Pont de Suert
  • passing over Coll de Creu de Perves (1,325 m)
At El Pont de Suert:
The ending of the second section and the beginning of the third are separated a few km but connected by the N-230 road.
El Pont de Suert - Sabiñánigo N-230 - Castejón de Sos
  • passing over Coll de Espina (1,407 m) and Coll de Fadas (1,470 m)
Castejón de Sos - Campo
  • following the Congosto de Ventamillo and the valley of the Esera river
Campo - Aínsa
  • passing over the Collado de Foradada (1,020m)
Aínsa - Fiscal
  • Recently upgraded stretch
Fiscal - Broto
  • Old narrow uneven road which follows the Ara river valley
Broto - Biescas
  • Passing over the Puerto de Cotefablo pass (1,425m)
Biescas - Sabiñánigo
  • Following the Tena river valley
At Sabiñánigo:
the road ends at the intersection with N-330 road.