N-Coded Music

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N-Coded Music
Parent company Phase One Network
Founded 1997 (1997)
Founder Dave Grusin, Larry Rosen, Phil Ramone
Defunct 2005 (2005)
Status Inactive
Genre Jazz, vocal jazz, smooth jazz
Country of origin U.S.
Location New York City
Official website Catalog

N-Coded Music is jazz record label in New York City founded by Dave Grusin, Larry Rosen, and Phil Ramone in 1997.

Their original business model was to break out new artists and groups from various genres (mainly smooth jazz) by releasing their music through its co-owned online music site, Music Boulevard, in the form of CDs and downloads using the Liquid Audio format. CDs were also distributed by Sony Music's independent RED Distribution for the traditional retail market. After Music Boulevard and its main competitor CDNOW merged, N2K Encoded was sold to Warlock Records and renamed N-Coded Music.

N-Coded's roster included Ann Hampton Callaway, Jane Monheit, Candy Dulfer, Andy Bey, and Jonathan Butler.

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