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Broadcast area Hamburg,
Slogan Die meisten Hits von heute (The most actual hits)
First air date 4 April 1994
Owner Norddeutscher Rundfunk
Website www.n-joy.de (German)

N-Joy (also N-JOY) is a German, public radio station by the Norddeutschen Rundfunk (NDR) made for listeners with an age between 14 and 29. The headquarters is in Hamburg. Program director is Norbert Grundei.

N-Joy started broadcasting on 4 April 1994. The actual program is dominated by charts oriented music, interviews with musicians and unplugged songs. N-Joy does not broadcast any advertisement.

The listeners have the possibility to offer music wishes and to communitcate with the moderators via e-mail, Facebook and via telephone. The listeners also have the chance to get tickets for "secret concerts" (not public planned concerts of musicians with less security and less visitors).

Coordinates: 53°34′36″N 9°59′32″E / 53.576751°N 9.992205°E / 53.576751; 9.992205