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For the American R&B band of the 1990s see Next (American band)
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Years active 1992-1997, 2003-2014

N.EX.T or N.Ex.T. (abbreviation for New EXperiment Team) was a South Korean rock band, although their music can also be categorized with as diverse styles as heavy metal, pop, funk, electronica, alternative rock and progressive rock.


N.EX.T (New EXperiment Team) was the band of singer/songwriter Shin Hae Chul (신해철). The group split up following the 1997 release of Lazenca: A Space Rock Opera, and the instrumentalists formed the alternative metal band Novasonic with rapper Kim Jun Pyo. N.EX.T reformed around 2003 following the disbanding of Novasonic, and they released the soundtrack to Guilty Gear XX #Reload. A few of its instrumental songs were re-worked into songs with vocals on the following album, The Return Of N.EX.T Part 3: The Book of War/The Diary of a Soldier. The Return of N.EX.T Part 3 included the song "Dear America" which featured many prominent Korean vocalists such as Kim Jn Pyo and Crash's Ahn Heung-Chan. Guitarist Kim SeHwang released his first solo album, Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, on June 27, 2011.


N.EX.T's songs contain many cultural criticisms, with "Turn Off the T.V." and "Money" pointing to mediation and consumerism. Criticism of human disregard for the environment can be found in "Lazenca, Save Us" and "The World We Made," which creates musical contrasts between a pleasant, natural world and a terrifying, industrial, human-influenced world. "Cyber Budha Company Ltd." tells of a dark future in which humans can purchase small amounts of divinity through the use of machines and credit cards.

Band line-up[edit]

(1992–1993) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitars. Jung Gi Song (정기송), lead guitars. Lee Dong Kyu (이동규), electric drums, vocal.

(1993–1994, 2nd album making members) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitars, bass. Lim Chang Soo (임창수), lead guitars. Lee Soo Yong (이수용), drums. Lee Dong Kyu, electric drums, bass, vocal.

(1994–1995, 2nd album activity members) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals, keyboards, guitars. Kim Se Hwang (김세황), guitars. Lee Soo Yong, drums. Lee Dong Kyu, bass, vocal.

(1995–1997) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals, rhythm guitars, keyboards. Kim Se Hwang, guitars. Lee Soo Yong, drums. Kim Young Suk (김영석), bass.

(2003–2005) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals. Devin Lee, lead guitars. Juny (쭈니, Lee Yong Joon, 이용준), drums. Ssang (쌩, Won Sang Wook, 원상욱), bass. Kim Dong Hyuk (김동혁), keyboards, rhythm guitars.

(2006) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals. Kim Se Hwang, guitars. Devin Lee, guitar. Lee Soo Yong, drums. Kim Young Suk, bass. Ji Hyun Soo (지현수), keyboards

(2007) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocals. Kim Se Hwang, guitars. Seo dong min(서동민, Yoon Tera), drums. Park Jong Dae(박종대, Jade Park), bass. Ji Hyun Soo (지현수), keyboards

(2008–2012) Shin Hae Chul, lead vocal. Kim Se Hwang, lead guitars. Kim Dan (김단), drums. Park Jong Dae(Jade), bass. Ji Hyun Soo (지현수), keyboards


  • Home (1992)
  • The Return of N.EX.T Part 1: The Being (1994)
  • The Being Live Concert Album Chapter 1 and 2 (1995)
  • The Return of N.EX.T Part 2: World (1996)
  • N.EX.T is Alive: World Live Concert Album (1996)
  • "Here, I Stand for You" single (1997)
  • R.U. Ready? - The First Fan Service: Concert Album (1997)
  • Lazenca: A Space Rock Opera (1997)
  • GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD Korean Version Original Sound Track (2003)
  • The Return of N.EX.T Part 3: 개한민국 (2004)[1]
  • ReGame: The 2nd Fan Service (2006)
  • 666: Trilogy Part. 1 (2008)[2]
  • <N.EX.T Utd> I want it all (Demo 0.7) (2014)[3]

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  1. ^ ** The title is a pun on 대한민국 (Republic of Korea). 개 (dog), replacing 대, changes the meaning to loosely mean "Bitch's Republic of Korea."
      • Another exclusive interpretation of 개한민국 [Gae;HanMeenKook] is that 개 [Gae] could be 改 [개/Gae] which means "to fix". Then the title could loosely mean "Fix up Republic of Korea," which shows yet more intelligent political message which the song of the same title in the album suggests and the leader Shin really tries to accomplish. The possibility of the double-edged remark is prominent.
      • N.EX.T's fifth album, produced entirely by Shin Hae Chul, is a two-disc opus with two distinct themes. Disc one, "The Book of War," is packed with hard-hitting, angry, and political themes. Disc two, "The Diary of a Soldier," is filled with introspective and melodic themes. The album also has a bonus 56 page color booklet.
  2. ^ ** 666 Trilogy Part 2-'The King of Rats' and 666 Trilogy Part 3-'Ballad of Destruction' is canceled because of some reasons that we can't know.
  3. ^ ** This is a Pre-Release Demo that one of the song from N.EX.T's 7th album (or N.EX.T Utd's first album). Shin Hae-Chul who was the vocal, leader of band and producer, wanted to record the audience's chorus and put it in album so he released a demo for get great audience's chorus. He died because of a medical accident so N.EX.T's 7th album work being very slow, so now this is the N.EX.T's last regular album and demo.

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