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Emeritus Professor Niranjan Krishna Naik (June 20, 1944) was a faculty of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in Aerospace Engineering Department[1] and has made contributions to teaching, and research (textile composites). Dr. Naik is one of the many leading researchers on this subject and contributed significantly to the textile composites research. Naik was Head of Aerospace Engineering Department, I. I. T, Mumbai during January 2002 – December 2004.

Naik has contributed to the analytical methods for elastic and thermal analysis of different textile composites and also for the failure analysis under different loading conditions. He has published in many international archival journals. He has written a book on Woven Fabric Composites published by Technomic, USA. He has also contributed chapters to the books published by Blackie Academic and Professional, London; Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York and Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge, U.K. He has completed several sponsored and industrial projects of national importance. (This paragraph needs citations.).

Naik has been elected as a Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, India (2004) and Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (2005). Further, he has been conferred Professor H. H. Mathur award in India for Excellence in Research in Applied Sciences 2006 by I.I.T Bombay. He was given the award Excellence in Aerospace Award 2008 in teaching by the Aeronautical Society of India. He is the recipient of Aerospace Engineering Division Gold Medal of the Institution of Engineers (India) for the year 1992-93. Naik was on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design, published by Professional Engineering Publishing Limited, London. (This paragraph needs citations.).

Indian patent with invention title Strength Enhancing Insert Assemblies is granted to him -Application number is 496/MUM/2004, and patent number is 211354. United States Patent with invention title Strength Enhancing Insert Assemblies is also granted to him - patent number is US 8,640,428 B2,Inventors: N. K. Naik and Nageswara Rao Ganji. (This paragraph needs citations.)

Naik was born in Agragone, Ankola Taluka, Uttar Kannad District, Karnataka State in 1944. He studied at Agragone primary school and Anandashram High School, Bankikodla. He earned his B.E Engineering from Gulbarga engineering and M.Teck., from I.I.T Mumbai. He earned his Ph.D. from I.I.T Mumbai in 1984. Before joining I.I.T as a Research Associate, he was working for industries.