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N.paradoxa cover.jpg
DisciplineArt criticism, feminist art, art history, art theory
Edited byKaty Deepwell
Publication details
Publication history
KT press
Standard abbreviations
ISSN1461-0434 (print)
1461-0426 (web)
OCLC no.40759869

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal is an academic journal covering feminist art criticism and the work of women artists since the 1970s.[1] It is published by KT press and the editor-in-chief is Katy Deepwell (London).[2]

The current print journal (printed as volumes, ISSN 1461-0434) was established by Deepwell in 1998. Prior to this, n.paradoxa existed as an online journal (issues 1-21, ISSN 1461-0426) which was established in 1996 and this parallel edition online ran until 2010 with entirely different content to the print journal.[3][4] Each volume of n.paradoxa focuses on a particular theme and typically includes articles devoted to art theory and criticism from a feminist perspective,[5] as well as interviews with artists.[2] The website contains extensive online resources on feminism in the visual arts internationally, including reviews of exhibits, books, and websites.[6] The journal is published biannually in January and July. n.paradoxa participated in the Documenta 12 magazines project as part of the 2007 documenta exhibition in Kassel. After 2011, volumes were simultaneously published in print and electronic format online, both with ISSN 1461-0434.


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