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N16 road
Route information
Length47.49 km (29.51 mi)
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The N16 road is a national primary road in Ireland. It begins in County Sligo in the northwest of Ireland, and ends at Blacklion, County Cavan, at the border with Northern Ireland, where it becomes the A4 road. At 47.49 kilometres (29.51 mi), The N16 is one of the shorter national primary routes, as it forms only part of a major route from Sligo to Enniskillen and onwards to Belfast.


The N16 begins at the junction of the N15 at Cartron, Sligo, and travels northeast, past the Institute of Technology, Sligo and onwards, passing above Glencar Lake and entering County Leitrim. Manorhamilton and Glenfarne are the only towns passed through in County Leitrim, until the road reaches Blacklion in County Cavan. Across the border the route becomes the A4 road to Enniskillen and onwards connecting to Belfast via the A4 and the M1 motorway.

Compared with many other national primary roads in Ireland, long sections of the N16 are narrow and twisty which can make travelling on it slow and difficult. In recent years improvements have been made to short sections of it but the geography of many of the areas it passes through (deep valleys and steep hills) places some limits on the improvements that can be made without a wholesale realignment of parts of the route (i.e., finding less difficult terrain nearby to build a new road through).

A new N16 is planned[citation needed].

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