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North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) is a US-based cartographic society founded in 1980. It was founded by and for academics interested in cartography (e.g. map librarians, cartography professors and cartography lab directors). It now represents a broad mixture of academic, government and commercial interests, with a sizeable proportion of working cartographers.


The membership is largely from the United States, though a small steady international presence can be felt.


NACIS hosts an annual conference in the fall at a variety of locations around North America.[1]

1980: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1981: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
1982: Arlington, Virginia
1983: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1984: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1985: Chicago, Illinois
1986: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1987: Atlanta, Georgia
1988: Denver, Colorado
1989: Ann Arbor, Michigan
1990: Orlando, Florida
1991: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1992: St. Paul, Minnesota
1993: Silver Spring, MD
1994: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1995: Wilmington, North Carolina
1996: San Antonio, Texas
1997: Lexington, Kentucky
1998: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1999: Williamsburg, Virginia
2000: Knoxville, Tennessee
2001: Portland, Oregon
2002: Columbus, Ohio
2003: Jacksonville, Florida
2004: Portland, Maine
2005: Salt Lake City, Utah
2006: Madison, Wisconsin
2007: St Louis, Missouri
2008: Missoula, Montana
2009: Sacramento, California
2010: Madison, Wisconsin
2011: St. Petersburg, Florida
2012: Portland, Oregon
2013: Greenville, South Carolina
2014: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2015: Minneapolis, Minnesota
2016: Colorado Springs, Colorado


NACIS publishes a triannual journal, Cartographic Perspectives.


The organization is a major sponsor of CartoTalk, an online forum on cartography, and of MapGiving, an initiative begun in 2008 to coordinate pro bono work by groups of cartographers.

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