Rugby Americas North Championship

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Rugby Americas North Championship
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2019 Rugby Americas North Championship
SportRugby union
No. of teams13
ContinentNorth America
Most recent
 Bermuda (8th)
Most titles Trinidad and Tobago (9)

The Rugby Americas North Championship, known before the 2016 edition as the NACRA Rugby Championship, is a championship for Tier 3 members of Rugby Americas North in men's 15-a-side rugby union. Neither the United States nor Canada, the two tier 2 sides in the North American region, as the take part in the Rugby Americas Championship, the "Americas 6 Nations", but a team representing the United States South regional association, USA South do take part.

The current format of the tournament contains both a geographical and divisional element with promotion and relegation. All the teams are split between the North and South. Within that geographical split, teams are then split into the Championship (higher division) and the Cup (lower division). The highest placed team in each Cup plays the bottom team in their respective Championship for promotion. As of 2017, the Southern region does not have a Cup division.

Finally, the winner of the North championship plays the winner of the South championship in the RAN Championship final to decide the winner of the overall tournament.[1]


Champions by year:[2]

Year Winner Score Runner-up Refs
1966  Guyana round robin  Trinidad and Tobago
1967  Trinidad and Tobago round robin
1969  Jamaica round robin  Bahamas
1973  Trinidad and Tobago round robin
1975  Jamaica round robin  Barbados
1977  Bermuda round robin
1979  Bermuda round robin
1981  Bermuda round robin
1983  Trinidad and Tobago round robin
1985  Trinidad and Tobago round robin
1996  Bermuda 29-8  Trinidad and Tobago
1997  Trinidad and Tobago 31-14  Cayman Islands
1998  Bermuda round robin  Trinidad and Tobago
1999  Trinidad and Tobago
 Cayman Islands
round robin
2001  Trinidad and Tobago 23–12  Bermuda [3]
2005  Barbados 52–3  Bahamas [4]
2008  Trinidad and Tobago 40–24  Guyana [5]
2011  Bermuda 11–0  Guyana
2012  Bermuda 18–0  Guyana [6]
2013 United States USA South 26–18  Trinidad and Tobago
2014  Guyana 30–27 United States USA South [7]
2015  Trinidad and Tobago 30–16  Mexico [8][9]
2016  Mexico 32-3  Guyana
2017 United States USA South 23-19  Guyana
2018 United States USA South round robin  Cayman Islands
2019  Bermuda 33-10  Guadeloupe


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