NACRA Women's Rugby Championship

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NACRA Women's Rugby Championship
Formerly Caribbean Women’s Rugby Championship
Sport Rugby union
Founded 2003
Countries 4 (in 2011)
 Cayman Islands
Caribbean Community Caribbean Select XV
 Trinidad and Tobago
Most recent
 Trinidad and Tobago (2011)

In 2010 the former NAWIRA Caribbean Women’s Rugby Championship became the NACRA Women’s Rugby Championship, potentially broadening its coverage in accordance with the widened aim of its recently renamed sponsor.

2010 (Bahamas)[edit]

The first tournament, hosted by the Bahamas, was a significant departure from previous events which had featured only teams from English-speaking West Indies. For the first time USA and Canada sent their U20 teams - however again financial problems restricted the participation of most island teams, with the exception of the Cayman Islands. The result was a three-way NACRA tournament. The Caymans also played hosts The Bahamas for the Caribbean title.

A Caribbean Select XV (with players coming from Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, and St Vincent and The Grenadines) also played non-tournament games against the USA, Canada and Bahamas.

The tournament took place at the Winton Rugby Centre, Nassau, from 15–21 August.


Position Nation Games Points Table
played won drawn lost for against
1  Canada U20 2 2 0 0 68 3 9
2  United States U20 2 1 0 1 85 6 6
3  Cayman Islands 2 0 0 2 0 147 0


2010-08-15 Cayman Islands  0-85[1]  United States U20 Nassau, Bahamas [-/-/-]
2010-08-17 Canada U20  62-0[2]  Cayman Islands Nassau, Bahamas [-/-/-]
2010-08-20 Canada U20  6-3[3]  United States U20 Nassau, Bahamas [-/-/-]

2011 (Cayman Islands)[edit]

The second tournament, hosted by the Cayman Islands, saw the return to competition of island teams from Trinidad and Jamaica, but no teams from outside the Caribbean, possibly because the tournament clashed with the U20 Nations Cup. Other islands were again represented by a Caribbean Select XV.[4] For the first time, all matches in the tournament were streamed live (by Cayman Rugby TV).


Position Nation Games Points Table
played won drawn lost for against
1  Trinidad and Tobago 3 3 0 0 179 5 9
2  Jamaica 3 2 0 1 64 62 7
3  Cayman Islands 3 1 0 2 29 77 5
4 Caribbean Community Caribbean Select XV 3 0 0 3 25 163 3


Test no. 892
Caribbean Select XV Caribbean Community 0-92  Trinidad and Tobago Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Referee: Keith Hodgkins (Bermuda)
Tries: Jade Ramjag (2)
Alesha Bruce (2)
Dalia Jordan-Brown (2)
Taliah Wilson (3)
Juliana Straker (4)
Jenilee Limada
Ayana Skeete
Nicolette Pantor
Cons: Juliana Straker (3)
Merlin Blackford (3)
Test no. 893
Cayman Islands  12-15  Jamaica Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Referee: Alwin Etwah (Guyana)
Tries: Jo Zeigler
Loletta Hanna
Con: Katie Bayles
Tries: Wendy Parchment
Kadjan Gayle
Cons: Kadjan Gayle
Pens: Kadjan Gayle
Test no. 894
Jamaica  5-37  Trinidad and Tobago Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Referee: Alastair Robertson (Cayman Islands)
Try: : Misty Stewart Tries: Juliana Straker (3)
Sojouner Hyles
Taliah Wilson (2)
Dalia Jordan-Brown
Conv: Merlin Blackford
Test no. 895
Cayman Islands  27-12 Caribbean Community Caribbean Select XV Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Referee: Larry Mendez (Trinidad & Tobago)
Tries: : Loletta Hanna (2)
Fiona Brader (2)
Jesse Lane
Conv: Katie Bayes
Tries: : Melissa Da Ponte
Anna Knapton-Scott
Conv: Karen Holmes
Test no. 896
Caribbean Select XV Caribbean Community 13-44  Jamaica Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Referee: George Nicholson (Barbados)
Tries: : Karen Holmes
Grace Jarvis
Pen: Karen Holmes
Tries: : Mitsy Stewart
Dana-Ann Fearon (2)
Wendy Parchment (3)
Akaylia Gordon
Candice Wright
Conv: Kadjan Gayle (2)
Test no. 897
Cayman Islands  0-50  Trinidad and Tobago Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Referee: Referee: Alwin Etwah (Guyana)
Tries: Juliana Straker
Alesha Bruce
Dalia Jordan-Brown
Latoya Edwards
Tenisha Samuel
Talia Wilson
Nicolette Pantor
Cons: Juliana Straker(4)
Merlin Blackford


57 pts
Juliana Straker (T&T, flyhalf) (9 tries)
30 pts
Taliah Wilson (T&T, centre) (6)
25 pts
Dalia Jordan-Brown (T&T, wing) (5)
20 pts
Wendy Parchment (Jam) (4)
15 pts
Loletta Hanna (Cay, wing) (3), Alesha Bruce (T&T, wing) (3)
14 pts
Kadjan Gayle (Jam, centre) (1)
10 pts
Jade Ramjag (T&T, flanker) (2), Fiona Brander (Cay, lock) (2), Misty Stewart (Jam, wing) (2), Dana-Ann Fearon (Jam) (2), Karen Holmes (Car) 10 (1)
9 pts
Tenisha Samuel (T&T, centre) (1)
8 pts
Merlin Blackford (T&T) 8 (0)
5 pts
Jo Zeigler (Cay, scrumhalf) (1), Jessica Lane (Cay, nr.eight) (1), Melissa Da Ponte (Car, forward) (1), Anna Knapman-Scott (Car) (1), Jenilee Limada (T&T, nr.eight) (1), Ayana Skeete (T&T) (1), Nicolette Pantor (T&T) (1), Latoya Edwards (T&T, scrumhalf) (1), Sojouner Hyles (T&T, prop) (1), Grace Jarvis (Car, scrumhalf) (1), Akaylia Gordon (Jam) (1), Candice Wright (Jam) (1)
4 pts
Katie Bayles (Cay) (0)

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  1. ^ NACRA match report: In a free scoring game, USA U20 romped away to an easy win courtesy of a 13 try spree, with Garber bagging a hatrick. McKnight and Johnson both scored a couple each with further tries being added by Baravilala, Bowlus, Anderson, Barley, Sherman and Hathaway. A fine kicking display from Garber (6 conversions) and Baravilala (4 conversions), rounded off the natch for the USA, who ran excellent lines throughout and attacked with pace at all times. Judging from the first two matches of the opening day's play, Canada U20 may need to raise their game if they are to defeat an impressive looking USA U20 in the final match on Friday evening.
  2. ^ NACRA match report: In the 5.00 p.m. match Canada ran out easy 62-0 winners over a Cayman team, which struggled through injuries. Canada scored 31 points in the first half through ties from Croteau, Mackinnon, Murphy-Burke, Beazley and Maric, with Murphy-Burke adding 3 conversions. The second half was pretty much one way traffic as the heat and injuries took toll on the Cayman team. Willoughby opened the second half scoring with an early try which Murphy-Burke converted. Further tris from Murphy-Burke, McNally, Beazley and Anderson, with Murphy-Burke kicking a further 2 conversions took the final score to 62–0. All eyes now are on the Friday evening match between USA U20 and Canada U20.
  3. ^ NACRA match report: In thrilling and intense final match of the NACRA Women's 15s Championship, Canada edged their North American rivals 6–3 to take the trophy. Both sides played with passion and pride, choosing to run the ball at every opportune time, rather than kick for territory. At half time the game was stalemate at 0–0 and it was not until the 6th minute of the second half when USA took the lead via a Chelsea Garber penalty. Laura Murphy-Burke equalised with a penalty for Canada after 12 minutes and it was not until the closing miuntes of the match when Misha Maric kicked a penalty for Canada to ensure the victory.
  4. ^ 2011 Caribbean Select squad:
    Bermuda: Anna Knapman-Scott; Emma Msowoya
    Mexico: Samara Yael Tuyu Salcedo; Daniela Carolina Arellano Lopez
    Barbados: Cherisse Harte; Karen Holmes
    Guyana: Nicole Nero; Sabola Gray; Grace Jarvis
    British Virgin Islands: Cassandra Molver; Christine Nissen
    Saint Vincent & the Grenadines: Josephine Charles; Shervonne Cato; Alexia Glasgow
    Saint Lucia: Marline Cherry; Gezel Frederick; Renatta Fredericks
    Bahamas: Alex Mackey; Bronia Beckford; Morganna Thurston
    Curaçao: Vianelly Raven; Gilliany Eustatius