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Spanish NASAMS launcher vehicle during a military parade in Spain
Finnish Sisu E13TP NASAMS 2 launcher vehicle

The Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System 2 (abbreviated NASAMS 2) is a module-based, distributed and networked medium range air-defence system, designed by the Norwegian Kongsberg Gruppen. NASAMS 2 is an upgraded version of the NASAMS air-defence system and it has been operational since 2007.


A complete NASAMS 2 battery consists of 12 missile launchers (LCHR) (each one carrying six AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles), eight radars (AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel F1 Improved Sentinel X band 3D radar), one fire control centre (CTOC), one electro-optical camera vehicle (MSP500) and one Tactical Control Cell (TCC) vehicle.

The upgrades consist of:

  • New radars, which can be mounted on a variety of vehicles. The radars have their own power supply and can process and distribute the data independently. The vehicles can be connected via radio links, cable, through Multi Rolle Radio, or through TADKOM.
  • The radars have a broader frequency spectrum and variable rotation speeds, and also an increased capacity to spot and follow targets.
  • Each module can automatically determine its position with its northfinder and GPS instruments.
  • The control centre modules can be mounted on a large variety of vehicles
  • The electro-optical MSP500 sensor is equipped with a laser rangefinder and a TV-camera, as well as an upgraded thermographic camera. These can be used to fire the missiles passively, which has been successfully tested.

The control system can detach itself from the sensors, in order to become less visible.


This list shows only NASAMS 2 operators, excluding the original NASAMS system used by the United States to defend Washington D.C. airspace.

Map with NASAMS 2 operators in light blue

Current operators[edit]

Potential future operators[edit]

  •  Lithuania Lithuanian MoD announced Lithuania ordered 2 batteries (4 launchers).
  •  Australia Australian defence minister Marise Payne announced first pass approval for the project on 10 April 2017[1]


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