Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center

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Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center
NASA Visitor Center at Wallops Flight Facility 002 crop.jpg
Established 1982 (1982)
Location Building J-17
Wallops Island, Virginia
Coordinates 37°56′19″N 75°27′26″W / 37.9386°N 75.45736°W / 37.9386; -75.45736
Type Space museum
Website NASA Visitor Center

The Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center is located in Building J-17, Wallops Island, Virginia, United States along Route 175. It contains exhibits highlighting past missions conducted at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility.[1] The visitor center also provides information about current activities at Wallops Flight Facility, such as the sounding rocket, balloon and aircraft program. The outside grounds has a rocket garden consisting of rockets and aircraft used for space and aeronautical research, including a full-scale four stage reentry vehicle used to study the Earth's atmosphere. In addition, the visitor center has educational programs on Earth and space science. It is also a viewing area for rocket launches.[2]


The visitor center was established in 1982. It is named Robert L. Krieger Education Complex after the long term head of Wallops Flight Facility.


Some exhibits include:

  • Moon rock from Apollo 17
  • Scale models of rockets, satellites, research equipment and aircraft
  • Science On a Sphere[3]
  • Hands-on interactive demonstrations and educational videos
  • Observation deck for watching launches from Wallops Flight Facility
  • Model rocket launches
  • Earth As Art

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