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North American PlayStation cover art featuring the cars of Dale Earnhardt, Mark Martin, Terry Labonte, and Kyle Petty
Developer(s)EA Sports, Stormfront Studios
Publisher(s)EA Sports
Platform(s)Nintendo 64, PlayStation
ReleaseNintendo 64
  • NA: September 11, 1998
  • EU: November 1998
  • NA: September 29, 1998[1]
Mode(s)Single Player, Multiplayer

NASCAR '99 is a racing simulator video game developed and published by EA Sports and co-developed by Stormfront Studios.[2] It was released for Nintendo 64 on September 11, 1998,[3] and for the PlayStation on September 29, 1998.[1] NASCAR '99 was the second game in the EA Sports NASCAR series of video games.


NASCAR '99 is the second game relating in EA Sports NASCAR series of video games. The game features thirty-one of the drivers from the 1998 Winston Cup Series season and six legendary drivers.[4] The game also includes seventeen different NASCAR race tracks, including Atlanta Motor Speedway, Sears Point, and Michigan International Speedway.[4] Furthermore, the game includes instructions from a crew chief, such as when to make a pit stop or when cars are around the player.[4]


Review scores
Next Generation4/5 stars[6]

Next Generation reviewed the PlayStation version of the game, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that "In the end, NASCAR 99 isn't going to win any converts from GT, but it is sure to please those looking for a good stock car challenge. While not a huge improvement over NASCAR 98, it is a better game, and makes it a worthy upgrade if only for the Dual Shock support."[6]

NASCAR '99 received mixed reviews upon its release.[7] The game was praised for its authenticity, although critics felt that the graphics and sound effects were not improved from the previous game, NASCAR '98. Also, critics stated that the player would become "tired" of the game if they were a "racing-game fan."[4]


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