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NASCAR Racing 2 was the second game in the NASCAR Racing series. It was developed by Papyrus.

The second edition of the series was released in 1996. The game featured more drivers than the previous version. Driver lists were included in the game as the game included more drivers than were capable of fitting in the maximum 39-car field the game offers.

Like in the original game, players could play alone or with friends through a LAN or the Internet and choose between VGA and SVGA graphics display. Both modes required a first generation Pentium computer to work fluently, although the detail level could be greatly reduced through game menus.

The paint shop feature returned for the second game, but was integrated into the game itself rather than a separate entity.

The game includes all of the tracks used in the 1996 season except for Daytona and Indianapolis. In this version, the tracks were listed race-by-race rather than track-by-track. This made for more realistic play and made it possible to have night races at the available tracks, and it would produce weather conditions normal for the time of year the race was normally run. In the original game, night races could only be included in the “Championship Mode”.

The garage portion of the game allows players to make adjustments to their car’s suspension, aerodynamics, tires, and transmissions. And included suggested “set ups” for new players and a save feature for experienced players.

Opposing drivers can have their attributes adjusted with the driver profiles. In the original game, players would have to leave the game completely and modify the coding on the individual files.

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