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NASCAR Rumble Cover.jpg
Cover art featuring the cars of Tony Stewart and Jack Sprague
Developer(s)EA Redwood Shores
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
ReleaseJanuary 31, 2000[1]
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

NASCAR Rumble is a racing video game created by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation. Players race through 18 different courses set in six different areas collecting powerups to aid them. The game is a departure from many NASCAR games, as it is an arcade racer featuring various tracks and Mario Kart-esque powerups. A non-NASCAR licensed sequel was made for the PlayStation 2, called Rumble Racing.


In NASCAR Rumble, the main object of the game is to win a race or series of races against one to five opponents. They race in normal or souped-up stock cars from the at-the-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series (including Adam Petty, which uses his NASCAR Busch Series car, as he had yet to debut in Winston Cup in 1999), in addition to several Craftsman Truck Series drivers (all from their respective 1999 season), unlockable past NASCAR legends, and bonus vehicles. Another feature in the game includes the voice of actor Jess Harnell, who talks to the player during a race. The game also features three original songs by guitarist Derek Trucks.

Game modes[edit]

Single race[edit]

In a single race, players race one race on any track of their choice. They can choose between one and eight circuits and one to five opponents. If a certain feature is turned on, the player can even select their opponents' car and racing class.


In a championship, the player can participate in a championship, such as Metropolis, and will have three races to do in that championship. Depending on how well the player does in each race, they are rewarded with ten points for a win, eight for second, six for third, four for fourth, two for fifth, and one for sixth. A running total is kept, and final standing position is based on the total points earned in all three races. If the player finishes in first, they receive a trophy and unlock the legend race in that series.

Championships can also be played in "Cyber team" mode where there are three teams with two players on each. The team members combine their points and the standings are based on both members, so it can be a good check of strength for an expert player. There is also "co-op" mode, where two human players are on a team.

There is also a "Legend" mode, where a player can unlock a past NASCAR driver in a championship against the legend and four "regular" drivers. However, the player must finish first, and not just beat the legend. For example, if the player finishes in second, and the legend is third, the legend will not be unlocked.


"Showdown" is a one-lap shootout against an opponent of the player's choice. The player also chooses the track and power-up density.

Time trial[edit]

In a time trial, the player has four laps to get the track and/or lap record for a track of their choice. Track records are "official" if only four laps are run, regardless of power-up density. There are a maximum a five track records kept for each track, but only one lap record.


Eric Bratcher reviewed the PlayStation version of the game for Next Generation, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that "Don't expect an ultra-realistic racing simulation here. It's more like the ultimate NASCAR-licensed version of Road Rash. And it's great."[2]

The game was met with fairly positive reviews, and earned an 80% on GameRankings.[1]

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