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NASCAR In A Hurry was a re-cap show highlighting all the events (practice, qualifying, and other events) during a NASCAR race weekend. The show aired every Sprint Cup race weekend before NASCAR RaceDay (Saturday or Sunday depending on whenever the race is scheduled).


The show primarily relies on footage taken from the televised coverage Speed does of Sprint Cup practices (including final practice- regardless of if they covered it or if ESPN did during their part of the schedule), qualifying (again, regardless of network), and even Nationwide and Camping World Truck races if they happened to run that same weekend (even if they were not racing at the same track that weekend).

The show even used footage from the network's at-track shows, such as Trackside.

Monday edition[edit]

In 2010, Speed attempted to make a version of the show that used most of the same footage used in the weekend show, but added Sprint Cup race day footage and excerpts of driver interviews from NASCAR Victory Lane. This new Monday version initially aired at 8PM EST, but only lasted until May 2010, after pre-emptions due to rescheduled races as well as move to the 10PM time slot.

The original race morning version of the show was cancelled after the 2010 season.