Nashi (Canadian organisation)

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Purpose To oppose human trafficking by raising awareness through education
Region served
Official language
Savelia Curniski
Key people
Betty Lawrence
Affiliations Public Service Alliance of Canada

Nashi (Ukrainian: Наші; Nashi; "Ours") is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada-based organisation that opposes human trafficking by raising awareness through education.[1] Savelia Curniski is the president of NASHI.[2] The organisation has established a vocational school in Lviv, Ukraine to teach girls and women carpentry, sewing, information processing, and cooking so they won't become trapped in Ukraine's human trafficking network.[3] NASHI also founded the Maple Leaf Centre, a resource centre and shelter in Ukraine for young people who are at risk of being trafficked.[4] In 2011, NASHI hosted the Saskatoon portion of the Canada Freedom Relay to raise awareness about human trafficking.[5] The event lasted 45 minutes and raised funds for various programs that aid human trafficking victims.[6] In 2012, NASHI organised the Youth Unchained conference in Saskatoon that presented approximately 900 youth with information about human trafficking.[7] Betty Lawrence is one of the co-founders of NASHI.[8] The organisation's activities are facilitated by volunteers.[9]


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