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The NBA Global Games are a series of games featuring NBA teams that are played outside the United States and Canada. Its purpose is to bring teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA) to play games against either another NBA team or a foreign club.

The games themselves are played under NBA rules, which differ slightly from the FIBA rules which the foreign teams normally play under. Court markings and dimensions also differ slightly.


The first official overseas game featuring an NBA team was an exhibition matchup between the Washington Bullets and Maccabi Tel Aviv on 7 September 1978. The then-defending champions lost 98–97 at the Yad Eliyahu Sports Arena in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Bullets would play three more exhibition games the following year in Beijing and Shanghai in China, and in Quezon City in the Republic of the Philippines.

In 1984, a series of exhibition matches pitting the New Jersey Nets, Phoenix Suns and Seattle SuperSonics against local European clubs were held in Israel, Italy, West Germany and Switzerland. Then in 1988, the Atlanta Hawks played against the Soviet Union national basketball team in a three-game series in Tbilisi, Vilnius and Moscow, becoming the first NBA team to play in the Soviet Union.

In 1987, the McDonald's Championship was introduced. While the first edition was held in Milwaukee, the following editions of the event were held in Europe, with the NBA teams emerging victorious against their European counterparts in each staging. The McDonald's Championship was discontinued in 1999.

The first regular season NBA games outside North America were held in Tokyo, Japan in 1990, with the Phoenix Suns and the Utah Jazz splitting the two-game series. Since then four other editions of the NBA Japan Games were held, with the last games being played in Saitama in 2003.

In 1991, the Miami Heat and the Washington Bullets played a preseason game in Nassau, Bahamas, marking the first NBA preseason game in the Caribbean. The following year, the Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks played a preseason game in Mexico City, in the first NBA game held in Latin America. Several other preseason matches would follow in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico (under the name NBA Challenge), but it was not until 1997 that the NBA decided to hold its first regular season game in Latin America, featuring the Mavericks and the Rockets in Mexico City.

While the NBA has had a history of sending teams to Europe to play against the local clubs, it was not until 1993 that the league decided to send two of its teams to Europe to play a pair of preseason matches against each other. An exhibition series between the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks was held in London, United Kingdom, a precursor of what would later be called the NBA Europe Live Tour. Further games were held in Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Spain and Turkey. It was not until 2011, however, that a regular season matchup was first played in Europe. The first regular season games in London pitted the New Jersey Nets against the Toronto Raptors, with the Nets sweeping the two-game series.

In 2004, the NBA held a pair of preseason games in Shanghai and Beijing, as part of the NBA China Games. The two-game series between the Sacramento Kings and the Houston Rockets also marked the homecoming of sorts for Yao Ming, who as the top overall pick of the 2002 NBA draft and a perennial all-star, helped popularize the NBA in China. The China Games eventually became a regular in the NBA's preseason schedule.

In 2013, the NBA decided to unify its overseas tours under one banner: the "NBA Global Games".[1] The newly renamed event witnessed the first NBA preseason game held in Southeast Asia, with the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets facing each other in the Philippines. In addition, a preseason game between the Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls in Brazil marked the first NBA preseason match in South America. The league was scheduled to hold a pair of regular season matches in Mexico and United Kingdom, but the game in Mexico City between the San Antonio Spurs and the Minnesota Timberwolves on December 4 never started due to a generator malfunction inside the Mexico City Arena, and was postponed to 8 April 2014 at the Target Centre in Minneapolis.

The 2014 NBA Global Games began in October with two San Antonio Spurs friendlies versus EuroLeague teams Alba Berlin and Fenerbahçe Ülker at Berlin and Istanbul respectively. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat played a preseason game at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. Then the Brooklyn Nets and Sacramento Kings played two matches at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai and the MasterCard Center in Beijing. Like the previous season, two regular season Global Games were scheduled in Mexico City and London; the Mexico City game between the Timberwolves and the Rockets on 12 November was played without incident.

For the 2015–16 season, the NBA scheduled two regular season games to be played outside the United States. The first game, between the Boston Celtics and the Sacramento Kings, was scheduled to be played on 3 December 2015 at the Mexico City Arena; the Celtics defeated the Kings 114–97. It marked the NBA's third regular-season game in Mexico City.[2][3] The second game, between the Orlando Magic and the Toronto Raptors, was scheduled to be played on q4 January 2016, at The O2 Arena in London. It will mark the NBA's sixth regular-season game in London.[4][5]

List of preseason games[edit]

11 September 1984
Phoenix Suns 148–121 New Jersey Nets
20 October 1991
Miami Heat 109–98 Washington Bullets
27 October 1992
Houston Rockets 104–102 Dallas Mavericks
24 October 1993
New York Knicks 103–93 Houston Rockets
30 October 1993
Miami Heat 109–103 Denver Nuggets
30 October 1993
Orlando Magic 120–95 Atlanta Hawks
31 October 1993
Atlanta Hawks 113–101 Orlando Magic
18 October 1994
Golden State Warriors 132–116 Charlotte Hornets
21 October 1994
Miami Heat 104–99 Atlanta Hawks
23 October 1994
Atlanta Hawks 103–99 Miami Heat
28 October 1994
San Antonio Spurs 121–112 Houston Rockets
28 October 1994
Seattle SuperSonics 133–105 Los Angeles Clippers
29 October 1994
Seattle SuperSonics 124–95 San Antonio Spurs
29 October 1994
Houston Rockets 111–103 Los Angeles Clippers
28 October 1995
San Antonio Spurs 125–107 Washington Bullets
29 October 1995
Detroit Pistons 110–99 Washington Bullets
18 October 1996
Indiana Pacers 98–95 Seattle SuperSonics
20 October 1996
Seattle SuperSonics 82–72 Indiana Pacers
26 October 1996
Cleveland Cavaliers 104–92 Phoenix Suns
26 October 1996
Dallas Mavericks 107–102 Utah Jazz
27 October 1996
Utah Jazz 111–105 Phoenix Suns
27 October 1996
Dallas Mavericks 88–86 Cleveland Cavaliers
24 October 1999
Golden State Warriors 117–91 New Jersey Nets
14 October 2000
Philadelphia 76ers 84–80 Washington Wizards
11 October 2002
Miami Heat 85–90 Minnesota Timberwolves
5 October 2003
Dallas Mavericks 85–90 Utah Jazz
7 October 2003
Philadelphia 76ers 79–86 (OT) Miami Heat
8 October 2003
Memphis Grizzlies 93–105 San Antonio Spurs
14 October 2004
Sacramento Kings 86–88 Houston Rockets
17 October 2004
Houston Rockets 89–91 Sacramento Kings
14 October 2005
Memphis Grizzlies 101–91 Miami Heat
10 October 2006
Philadelphia 76ers 103–100 Phoenix Suns
10 October 2006
Detroit Pistons 84–64 Miami Heat
14 October 2006
Golden State Warriors 121–115 Denver Nuggets
6 October 2007
Toronto Raptors 85–89 Boston Celtics
10 October 2007
Boston Celtics 92–81 Minnesota Timberwolves
17 October 2007
Orlando Magic 90–86 Cleveland Cavaliers
20 October 2007
Cleveland Cavaliers 84–100 Orlando Magic
9 October 2008
New Jersey Nets 100–98 (OT) Miami Heat
12 October 2008
Miami Heat 92–94 New Jersey Nets
14 October 2008
Washington Wizards 80–96 New Orleans Hornets
15 October 2008
Golden State Warriors 94–98 Milwaukee Bucks
17 October 2008
Milwaukee Bucks 108–109 Golden State Warriors
17 October 2008
New Orleans Hornets 102–80 Washington Wizards
6 October 2009
Utah Jazz 101–102 Chicago Bulls
8 October 2009
Denver Nuggets 104–126 Indiana Pacers
11 October 2009
Indiana Pacers 112–128 Denver Nuggets
18 October 2009
Philadelphia 76ers 116–94 Phoenix Suns
4 October 2010
Los Angeles Lakers 92–111 Minnesota Timberwolves
6 October 2010
New York Knicks 100–106 Minnesota Timberwolves
12 October 2010
San Antonio Spurs 100–99 Los Angeles Clippers
13 October 2010
New Jersey Nets 81–91 Houston Rockets
16 October 2010
Houston Rockets 95–85 New Jersey Nets
7 October 2012
Orlando Magic 80–85 New Orleans Hornets
11 October 2012
Miami Heat 94–80 Los Angeles Clippers
14 October 2012
Miami Heat 89–99 Los Angeles Clippers
8 October 2013
Oklahoma City Thunder 103–99 Philadelphia 76ers
10 October 2013
Houston Rockets 116–96 Indiana Pacers
12 October 2013
Chicago Bulls 116–81 Washington Wizards
13 October 2013
Indiana Pacers 98–107 Houston Rockets
15 October 2013
Golden State Warriors 100–95 Los Angeles Lakers
18 October 2013
Los Angeles Lakers 89–115 Golden State Warriors
11 October 2014
Cleveland Cavaliers 122–119 (OT) Miami Heat
12 October 2014
Brooklyn Nets 97–95 Sacramento Kings
15 October 2014
Sacramento Kings 117–129 (OT) Brooklyn Nets
11 October 2015
Los Angeles Clippers 94–106 Charlotte Hornets
14 October 2015
Charlotte Hornets 113–71 Los Angeles Clippers
9 October 2016
New Orleans Pelicans 117–123 Houston Rockets
12 October 2016
Houston Rockets 116–104 New Orleans Pelicans
5 October 2017
Minnesota Timberwolves 111–97 Golden State Warriors
8 October 2017
Minnesota Timberwolves 110–142 Golden State Warriors
5 October 2018
Philadelphia 76ers 120–114 Dallas Mavericks
8 October 2018
Dallas Mavericks 115–112 Philadelphia 76ers

List of regular season games[edit]

2 November 1990
Phoenix Suns 119–96 Utah Jazz
3 November 1990
Utah Jazz 102–101 Phoenix Suns
6 November 1992
Seattle SuperSonics 111–94 Houston Rockets
7 November 1992
Houston Rockets 85–89 Seattle SuperSonics
4 November 1994
Portland Trail Blazers 121–100 Los Angeles Clippers
5 November 1994
Los Angeles Clippers 95–112 Portland Trail Blazers
7 November 1996
Orlando Magic 108–95 New Jersey Nets
9 November 1996
New Jersey Nets 82–86 Orlando Magic
7 December 1997
Houston Rockets 108–106 Dallas Mavericks
6 November 1999
Minnesota Timberwolves 95–100 Sacramento Kings
7 November 1999
Sacramento Kings 101–114 Minnesota Timberwolves
30 October 2003
Los Angeles Clippers 100–109 Seattle SuperSonics
1 November 2003
Seattle SuperSonics 124–105 Los Angeles Clippers
4 March 2011
Toronto Raptors 103–116 New Jersey Nets
5 March 2011
Toronto Raptors 136–137 New Jersey Nets
17 January 2013
New York Knicks 102–87 Detroit Pistons
16 January 2014
Brooklyn Nets 127–110 Atlanta Hawks
12 November 2014
Houston Rockets 113–101 Minnesota Timberwolves
15 January 2015
New York Knicks 79–95 Milwaukee Bucks
3 December 2015
Boston Celtics 114–97 Sacramento Kings
14 January 2016
Orlando Magic 103–106 Toronto Raptors
12 January 2017
Denver Nuggets 140–112 Indiana Pacers
12 January 2017
Phoenix Suns 108–113 Dallas Mavericks
14 January 2017
Phoenix Suns 108–105 San Antonio Spurs
7 December 2017
Oklahoma City Thunder 95–100 Brooklyn Nets
9 December 2017
Miami Heat 101–89 Brooklyn Nets
11 January 2018
Boston Celtics 114–103 Philadelphia 76ers
13 December 2018
Chicago Bulls 91–97 Orlando Magic
15 December 2018
Utah Jazz 89–96 Orlando Magic
17 January 2019
New York Knicks 100–101 Washington Wizards

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