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NBA ShootOut (Total NBA in the United Kingdom) is a series of basketball video games based on the NBA and released for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The first two entries were released in 1996 and 1997. Later entries were developed by 989 Sports, including NBA ShootOut 2000, the only game in the series to be released for Microsoft Windows.

In the games, players can choose an existing NBA franchise and play exhibition or regular season games, as well as create their own players to include in regular season team rosters. Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal were not represented in the game. In early 2000s versions, Michael Jordan is included as a member of the Washington Wizards. Earlier versions of the game made it extremely difficult for players to slam dunk, a problem that was rectified in later games.


Title Release date Console(s) Cover Athlete (US version)
NBA ShootOut March 28, 1996 PlayStation Sam Cassell
NBA ShootOut '97 March 14, 1997 PlayStation Eddie Jones
NBA ShootOut 98 February 28, 1998 PlayStation Hakeem Olajuwon
NBA ShootOut 2000 November 30, 1999 PlayStation, Windows Jason Kidd
NBA ShootOut 2001 October 30, 2000 PlayStation, PlayStation 2 Chris Webber
NBA ShootOut 2002 September 1, 2001 PlayStation Stephon Marbury
NBA ShootOut 2003 September 29, 2002 PlayStation, PlayStation 2 Ray Allen
NBA ShootOut 2004 September 30, 2003 PlayStation, PlayStation 2 Tracy McGrady


The first two games were well received, with the Official UK PlayStation Magazine awarding 9/10 and a Starplayer award to both. They praised the motion capture and the playability.[1] While he noted sometimes inaccurate controls and glitchy sound effects, Scary Larry of GamePro gave the first game a strong recommendation, citing the roster of real players, realistic features, beautiful polygonal graphics, and fluid animation. He commented that the game is much more realistic than NBA Jam, but has an arcade mode to satisfy Jam enthusiasts.[2] The two sports reviewers of Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game similar scores (8.0 and 7.5 out of 10) but were sharply divided in their opinions. Both agreed that the graphics are impressive, but Dindo Perez argued that "Shootout should have played greater emphasis on gameplay", saying it is not realistic enough, whereas Video Cowboy asserted "the game has solid gameplay and a big-league look."[3] A reviewer for Next Generation shared in the general enthusiasm for the game's graphics and animation, but also noted that they come at the cost of prominent slowdown, detracting from the feel of the game. However, he felt the gameplay was decent and the options and player roster were impressive, and concluded "NBA Shoot Out doesn't unseat NBA Live 96 as the basketball sim champ, but it has definitely raised the stakes for next year's battle." He gave it three out of five stars.[4]


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