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NBA Wednesday Logo from 2011-16

NBA Wednesday is a weekly presentation of the National Basketball Association on ESPN. Debuting in 2002, NBA Wednesday starts the first Wednesday of the NBA season and runs throughout the entire season. Games typically air at 9:00 p.m EST, following an ESPN's presentation of ACC Wednesday college basketball. NBA Wednesday is occasionally preempted by ACC Wednesday or other college basketball doubleheaders, as well as Wednesday Night Baseball.

NBA Wednesday, like NBA Friday, is not exclusive; local sports networks may still air the game in their market. In that case, the ESPN broadcast on these markets is subject to blackout and SportsCenter is usually aired instead.


Originally, NBA Wednesday was broadcast by Brad Nessler and Bill Walton each week. After the 2002-2003 NBA season, ESPN ceased having a consistent broadcast team for NBA Wednesday until 2007–08, in which they used Dan Shulman and Jon Barry.

Studio features[edit]

Like NBA Friday, the NBA Wednesday halftime features are conducted in ESPN's Bristol studios. Mark Jones hosts, with Stephen A. Smith and Bill Walton. Previously, John Saunders hosted NBA Wednesday studio segments, with analysts Greg Anthony and Tim Legler. In the first season of ESPN NBA coverage, the studio segments were hosted by Stuart Scott, with analyst Tim Hardaway (who was later replaced by Greg Anthony).



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