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NBN Co Limited
Government-owned corporation
Industry Telecommunications
Founded April 2009
Headquarters Sydney[1], Australia
Key people

Bill Morrow (Chief Executive Officer)

Dr Ziggy Switkowski (Executive Chairman)
Services Wholesale data network
Revenue Increase A$164 million (2015)[2]
Decrease A$-2.019 billion (2015)[2]
Total assets Increase A$13.259 billion (2015)[2]
Total equity Increase A$7.708 billion (2015)[2]
Owner Australian Government
Number of employees
3,604 (2015) [2]
Website www.nbnco.com.au

NBN Co Limited (trading as nbn) is an Australian government-owned corporation tasked to design, build and operate Australia's National Broadband Network.



NBN Co was established on 9 April 2009 under the name of its company number, "A.C.N. 136 533 741 Limited".[3] After the establishment, the Australian Government started referring to the company as "National Broadband Network Company",[4] which became the de facto company name. It was officially named "NBN Co Limited" on 6 October 2009.[5][6][7][8] It traded as "NBN Co" until 26 April 2015 when it began trading simply as "nbn™".[9]

Corporation structure[edit]

Board members[edit]

  • Dr Mr Ziggy Switkowski - Chairman[10]
  • Mr Bill Morrow - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer[11]
  • Mr Patrick Flannigan - Non-Executive Director[10]
  • Mr Simon Hackett - Non-Executive Director[10]
  • Ms Alison Lansley - Non-Executive Director
  • Mr Justin Milne - Non-Executive Director
  • Dr Ms Kerry Schott - Non-Executive Director

Source: NBN Co Board

Management structure and key roles[edit]

Below is the management structure of NBN Co[12]

Chief Executive Officer
Bill Morrow
Head of Regulatory Affairs
Caroline Lovell
Chief Legal Counsel
Justin Forsell
Chief Strategy Officer
JB Rousselot
Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Rue
Chief Customer Officer
John Simon
Chief Operating Officer
Greg Adcock


Mike Quigley was appointed chief executive officer (CEO) of NBN Co on 25 July 2009.[13][14][15][16][17]

Mike Quigley announced in June 2010 he would donate $2 million [18] to Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), which will use the NBN to deliver remote rehabilitation therapy to stroke patients via the Nintendo Wii game console. Two million dollars is approximately equivalent to the NBN CEO's first year salary.

Mike Quigley announced in July 2013 that he would retire from NBN Co until a new CEO is found.[19] He departed on 3 October 2013, replaced by former Telstra CEO Ziggy Switkowski as Executive Chairman (and Interim CEO) with immediate effect.[20]

At the end of June 2013, NBN Co had 2,808 employees.[2]

Ownership and funding[edit]

NBN Co is a wholly owned Commonwealth Government Business Enterprise (GBE) reporting to two shareholder ministers: the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Communications[21]

Under the previous government's NBN Co corporate plan, it was estimated that the NBN construction would require A$27.5 billion in Government equity and raise an estimated A$13.4 billion in debt funding without government support; a total funding requirement of A$40.9 billion up to FY2021. Financial forecasts for NBN Co assuming a 7% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) expect the Government and Debt equity will be fully repaid including accrued interest by FY2040.[22] These forecasts have now been made redundant with the change of government following the 2013 Federal Election. The new Liberal National Coalition government is undertaking a 60-day strategic review of the project, stating the intention to investigate the best infrastructure technology mix to deliver fast broadband around the country as soon as possible and at the lowest cost.

This has resulted in the implementation of both FTTN (Fibre to the node) technology in metropolitan areas, and LTE Fixed wireless technology in regional areas.


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