Canal+ (Polish TV provider)

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Founded16 November 1998 (as Cyfra+)
21 March 2013 (as nc+)
3 September 2019 (as Platforma Canal+)
Defunct21 March 2013 (as Cyfra+)[1]
3 September 2019 (as nc+)
HeadquartersWarsaw, Poland
ProductsDirect broadcast satellite
ParentCanal+ Group (51%)
TVN (32%)
Liberty Global (17%)
Canal + store in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland (2022)

Canal+ (formerly Cyfra+ [ˌt͡sɨfra ˈplus] (Canal+ Cyfrowy), nc+, Platforma Canal+) is a Polish satellite platform, owned and operated by French media company Canal+ Group. From 3 September 2019 nc+ is now Platforma Canal+.[2]


On 1 November 2011 it was announced, that from now ITI group and Canal+ group are now cooperating.[3]


Cyfra+ logo

By 2010, Cyfra+ had 1.6 million subscribers.


On 21 March 2013 Cyfra+ merged with the competing platform n to form nc+.

Platforma Canal+[edit]

On 3 September 2019, nc+ rebranded as Platforma Canal+.[4][5][6]

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