NCAA Division III Men's Golf Championships

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NCAA Division III Men's Golf Championships
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Tournament information
Location United States
Established 1975
Course(s) 2013: Mission Inn Resort & Club, Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida
Format Stroke play
Month played May
Current champion
Team: Methodist
Individual: Kelby Scharmann, La Verne

The NCAA Division III Men's Golf Championships, played in mid-May, is an annual competition in U.S. men's collegiate golf. It is a stroke play team competition, but there is also an award for the lowest scoring individual competitor.[1]


Year Team champion Individual champion
1975 Wooster Charles Baskervill, Hampden-Sydney
1976 Stanislaus State Dan Lisle, Stanislaus State
1977 Stanislaus State David Downing, Southeastern Massachusetts
1978 Stanislaus State Jim Quinn, Oswego State
1979 Stanislaus State Mike Bender, Stanislaus State
1980 Stanislaus State Mike Bender, Stanislaus State
1981 Stanislaus State Ryan Fox, UNC-Greensboro
1982 Ramapo Cliff Smith, Stanislaus State
1983 Allegheny Matt Clarke, Allegheny
1984 Stanislaus State Bob Osborne, Redlands
1985 Cal State Stanislaus Brian Goldsworthy, Central (Iowa)
1986 Cal State Stanislaus Eric Meerbach, WPI
1987 Cal State Stanislaus Pat Weishan, UC San Diego
1988 Cal State Stanislaus Glenn Andrade, Cal State Stanislaus
1989 Cal State Stanislaus John McCullough, Methodist
1990 Methodist Rob Pilewski, Methodist
1991 Methodist Lee Palms, Emory
1992 Methodist Jon Lindquist, Gustavus Adolphus
1993 UC San Diego Ryan Jenkins, Methodist
1994 Methodist Scott Scovil, Christopher Newport
1995 Methodist Ryan Jenkins, Methodist
1996 Methodist Mike Adamson, Methodist
1997 Methodist Brion McLaughlin, Methodist
1998 Methodist Chad Collins, Methodist
1999 Methodist Chad Collins, Methodist
2000 Greensboro Kevin O'Connell, Greensboro
2001 Wisconsin–Eau Claire Chad Collins, Methodist
2002 Guilford Chris Noll, Wesley
2003 Averett Janne Mommo, Averett
2004 Gustavus Adolphus Chad Poling, Ohio Wesleyan
2005 Guilford Colin Clark, Guilford (playoff)
2006 Nebraska Wesleyan Stephen Goodridge, Rochester
2007 Saint John's University Clinton Dammann, Saint John's University
2008 Saint John's University Scott Harris, Jr., St. John Fisher
2009 Oglethorpe Olafur Loftsson, Oglethorpe
2010 Methodist Tain Lee, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
2011 Greensboro Chris Morris, Centre College
2012 Oglethorpe Anthony Maccaglia, Oglethorpe
2013 UT Tyler Brad Shigezawa, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
2014 Schreiner Bobby Holden, Redlands
2015 Methodist Kelby Scharmann, La Verne

Multiple winners[edit]


The following schools have won more than one team championship:


The following men have won more than one individual championship:

Individual champion's school[edit]

The following schools have produced more than one individual champion:


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